Destination Of The Week; Queen Elizabeth National Park



The trips celebrating #UgTravelMonth are just a few days away and what best way to start off with knowledge of where  we will be headed to? The trips are going to last throughout the month of October, with every weekend being covered by a trip to go see Uganda in all her raw beauty.


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The first trip is for a fun filled weekend in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the most famous destinations in Uganda. A park with the largest variety of wildlife, animals and bird species. Why should you be excited to go you ask?


  • Lions and More Lions

You can not think about going to the wild without a picture of a lion popping up in your mind, they define the wild and this park has a whole lot of them. These  lions are known for climbing trees and if you catch them at the right time, you might find a number of them sprawled on branches lazily watching you drive by. The lions are common in the Ishasha area which has earned them the phrase; “tree climbing lions of Ishasha.”


  • Mountain Rwenzori

There is no one to describe the view of the famous “Mountains of The Moon” from the Queen Elizabeth National Park, breathtaking cannot even cut it. The looming but beautiful sight is quite what the view, even better is that the park offers hiking packages for its visitors to get you an upclose view from up at the ranges. And if you cannot make it to the top, you can still get to see how amazing the elephants, giraffes and other animals look at the same time enjoy the snaking kazinga channel.


  • Variety

The park is not just an expansive stretch of property but it is also blessed to be a home to several different types of wild animals ranging from the giant but gentle elephant to the lanky giraffes and even huge creepers like snakes. There is always something for you to see, something new to learn from and this means you will be amazed throughout your tour of the park.


The park has a number of lodges that include; Engiri Game Lodge, Marafiki Safari Lodge among several many others as well as hotels in the neighbouring towns of Kasese and Fort Portal. All hotels and lodges can be easily booked off of Jumia Travel from the comfort of your home with a big discount if you are going for the UG travel month experience.


  • Birding

If you are an avid birding enthusiast, Queen Elizabeth will wow you with its many species of birds of which some are not native to Uganda and stop by on their migrating routes. The biggest number of bird species is native to the park and they are estimated to be over 600 of them.


some of the birds at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • Chimpanzee Tracking

The park offers chimpanzee tracking activities for visitors near Kasenyi and the neighbouring Kalinzu forest reserve where you get a chance to spot the mammals in their natural habitat as well as learn about their habits and species.


The trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park for the UG Travel Month is going to take place from the 1st of October till the 2nd, the travel entourage will set off from Garden City parking lot. If you miss this trip, there is a second trip organised from the 8th- 9th of October and will cost you just a little of 250, 000 UGX for it.












Whether you are starting or growing your family, your home must adapt to new arrivals. Regardless of whether you live in a bungalow, shared housing, apartment, gated community, every home needs to make changes to become child-proof.

Global property portal Lamudi asks the question, how can you make your home family-friendly? and the following tips make it worth once followed:

  • Make safety a priority

Whilst the interior design of your home is important, safety should be the focal point when preparing for a new arrival to your household. This includes: installing childproof gates at the top and bottom of staircases; making sure swimming pools are surrounded by a secure fence; and keeping anything out of reach that may be deemed harmful.

  • Hide switches

Today, it is possible to buy shockproof switches and sockets for all electrical outlets. Curious kids are often drawn to plugholes, so invest in advanced designs with automatic shutters, which make it impossible for your children to access the sockets.

  • Don’t scrimp on storage

Children tend to need a lot of things – from toys to clothes, strollers to cribs. Smart storage solutions will not only help make space for all of their essentials, but provide an out-of-reach area for those precious pieces of pottery. Make sure you have enough room, by installing additional shelves, baskets and hangers, and making the most of under bed storage space.

  • Protect your walls

It is inevitable that walls will gather food stains and crayon marks over time. Get ahead of the game by introducing blackboard paint into your interior design plan. This way, drawings can be left on the walls, and you can even use the space to leave notes and lists.

  • Avoid sharp edges

If you have always dreamt of having a circular bed, now would be the time to make the investment. Sharp corners are common enemies for small children, who often bump their heads when exploring the house. If circular furniture is not your style, buy special edge protectors and corner guards to avoid incidents.

  • Consider color

Whilst white may once have been your color of choice, you cannot escape the fact that it is not practical for your family home. Preparing your home for a new addition often means moving away from more neutral shades. Darker colored carpets will hide those muddy footprints as your children get older and more adventurous, whilst bolder colors are said to stimulate brain growth and development in newborns.

  • Up cycle

When your children are old enough, your favorite coffee table will be turned upside down and used as a boat, and the sofa will become a trampoline. To avoid the risk of ruining fancy furniture, modify old pieces that can handle the wear and tear.

  • Make the most of your space

It is important to create individual spaces that your kids can call their own, including dens, arts and craft areas, and playrooms. Make sure you also have a place for the whole family to spend time together. Whether this is a bigger dining table, or a comfortable, relaxing space in your living room, as your family grows, your home space needs to adapt.


ImageIntroducing the women’s day special by 40 days over 40 smiles is the #5AsideUG that will involve be great music, drinks and eats on sale, play Station, African yoga for ladies as well as the drive in cinema. this will happen on the 8th of March and the entrance is for sure affordable. there will be a panel of judges as viewed from this photo. Each team will have  five players and two substitutes with a girl in a particular team since it’s their day.
Entrance is Shs. 3,000 and the players are paying Shs. 10,000. Each team must have a lady since it is the Women’s Day Edition of the event. hoping to see all of you there

​EADB Completes Another Medical Training in Cancer Management

The East African Development Bank (EADB) in partnership with the British Council and the Royal College of Physicians have concluded yet another medical training of selected medical practitioners in Eastern Uganda. 

The training which took place in Soroti, is part of a medical training programme that EADB is carrying out across four East African countries aimed at curbing the increasing dangers of Cancer while also sensitizing communities in these countries. EADB’s aim is to train 600 medical professionals within a period of four years, to specialize in the treatment of cancer and neurological disorders.

This is the third training taking place in Uganda. It follows similar trainings that were held at St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya and at the Uganda Cancer Institute, Mulago in 2016. Other trainings have also taken place in Kenya and Tanzania.

There has been a recorded increase in the number of cancer patients in the region, and close to 80% of these patients find out when the cancer is in its late stages. Dr. Abrahams Omoding, a Specialist Medical Oncologist with the Uganda Cancer Institute and also one of the programme trainers says that Cancer now kills more people than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. 

Although the signs and symptoms of the disease are still not well-known in many communities, there have been tremendous efforts to sensitize people and train medical practitioners in early identification of cancer cases. 

The programme continues to focus on early detection, research and treatment of cancer and neurological disorders especially in communities where access to qualified professionals remains a challenge.

“This course is key in down staying late cancer detection. By training the doctors on the most important information on the signs and symptoms of cancer, we shall improve the ability to identify cancers at an early stage.” said Dr. Omoding.

Ms. Vivienne Yeda, the Director General of EADB reiterates that EADB’s course objective is to upgrade the ability of the target group of physicians to be able to better manage the patients with common neurological disorders. 

“We are receiving positive feedback from the doctors who have so far taken part in the trainings. Through these doctors, we are surely having an impact. The fight against cancer should be taken up by all of us and as EADB we shall continue to train doctors until we meet our target of training 600 medical practitioners in four years.” Ms. Vivienne Yeda added. 

The programme has already registered impacts for some doctors who have taken part in the medical training. Dr. Jacinta Abarau Ojia was able to detect cancer in her uncle’s at an early stage and she was able to put him on medication. 

Doctors who attended the medical training programme in Soroti were in agreement for an increased need of such trainings across the region. 

“I have learnt a lot of new things and through this training, I will now be able to look at medical cases from a different aspect so as I can be able to diagnose my patients with utmost surety.” said one of the doctors that took part in the just concluded medical training in Soroti.

Non Communicable Diseases, are not passed from person to person. They are of long duration and generally slow progression. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and their risk factors are an emerging problem in East Africa although the focus has been directed to infectious diseases to a greater extent. EADB is thus extending a supporting arm so as to raise awareness of the severity of NCDs. 

These diseases are driven by forces that include ageing, rapid unplanned urbanization, and the globalization of unhealthy lifestyles. For example, globalization of unhealthy lifestyles like unhealthy diets may show up in individuals as raised blood pressure, increased blood glucose, elevated blood lipids, and obesity. These are called ‘intermediate risk factors’ which can lead to cardiovascular disease, a NCD. 

All age groups and regions are affected by NCDs. Very often, these illnesses are associated with older age groups, but evidence shows that 16 million of all deaths attributed to NCDs occur before the age of 70. Of these ‘premature’ deaths, 82% occurred in low- and middle-income countries. 

Children, adults and the elderly alike are all vulnerable to the risk factors that contribute to Non-communicable diseases, whether from unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, exposure to tobacco smoke or the effects of the harmful use of alcohol.

Memories of the Sentire Perfume Concert  

Kampala’s lovers or classical and jazz music gathered at Sheraton Hotel for Fête de la Musique’s Sentire perfume concert on the evening of World Music Day, June 21st. The classical music audience – which was mixed with notably more internationals than Ugandans in attendance – was treated to free wine and eats as they arrived. 

The concert was opened by École Française Music Club, which has enjoyed a multi-sensoral music workshop with the visiting main act, Laurent Assoulen, earlier in the day.The Kampala Symphony Orchestra then took to the stage, including: Fredrick Kigunddu on Piano; Duncan Katimba on Cello; Mark Langa on Clarinet; Jonathan Beggs, Racheal Ellis and Petterson Wasswa on Violin.

They played several classical pieces, such as a Sonata in A major for Violin and Piano by César Franck, which is considered one of the finest sonatas for violin and piano ever written.
Suzan Kerunen, director of Pearl Rhythm Foundation, briefly took to the stage, and then the main act introduced his perfume-enhanced solo piano performance.

French Jazz composer and pianist Laurent Assoulen merged piano music with scents. Ushers passed out blotters sprayed with different perfumes to accompany the pieces of music he had composed for each scent.

“I composed each piece of music based on vibration of specific raw materials,” explained Assoulen. “I then shared the creation and inspiration with three Master Perfumers: Anne Flipo, Napoleon Bastos and Carlos Benaïm, who in turn interpreted and translated these sensations into perfume.” 
Throughout his performance, ushers distributed five different olfactory strips with a different essence created for each piece. The five perfumes corresponded to five essential fragrance families – woody, floral, citrus, fruity and oriental – and each corresponded with a piece of music that Assoulen played on the piano.

The concert continued until after 10pm, by which point much of the audience was saturated with wine and perfume, and the evening concluded with audience members discussing their unique experience over a final glass in the Sheraton Hotel lobby outside the Rwenzori ballroom.

Two events remain on Alliance Française’s Fête de la Musique schedule:

Thursday June 22 – Hiphop night at 7pm at Alliance Française (on Bukoto St in Kamwokya). There will be a screening of “Brooklyn” and a hiphop/poetry competition. Guest artists will include Ruyonga, Jora mc, Lady Slyke, and Sylvester & Abramz.

Sarurday June 24 – The main and final show will be held at École Française (on Lugogo Bypass) starting at 7pm and will include a long list of talented Ugandan artistes, with Navio closing down the concert at midnight.

These events are both free entry and all are welcome. You can also follow along by searching on social media for the hashtag #FDLMUg.

DFCU Bank announces sponsorship of 2017 Uganda’s Top 100 mid-sized companies’ survey

DFCU announced its sponsorship of the 2017 Uganda’s Top 100 mid-sized companies’ survey. The announcement was made during a press conference at the dfcu Bank Headquarters in Nakasero, Kampala.

The Top 100 Survey aims at identifying Uganda’s fastest growing medium-sized companies in order to show case business excellence and highlight some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Under the theme, “Staying ahead of the competition in the evolving economic environment”, the 2017 Top 100 mid-sized Companies’ Survey is an initiative of KPMG and the Nation Media Group, represented by The Daily Monitor in Uganda. Launched in 2009, the project currently runs in four East African countries; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. dfcu Bank now joins Insurance Company of East Africa (U) Group that has been part of the project for 4 years now. 

Addressing the press briefing, the dfcu Bank Executive Director & Chief of Business, William Sekabembe revealed that dfcu will sponsor selected participants to attend Business Clinics conducted by experienced and renowned authorities in the Private Sector enabling them acquire knowledge and skills for best business practices and good corporate governance. 

“dfcu Bank’s sponsorship of the Top 100 mid-sized companies’ survey 2017 is a show of our commitment towards supporting and growing the SME sector which is a key driver of Uganda’s economy.  We believe that a collaborative effort to boost the competiveness of SME sector in general is the silver bullet to ensuring businesses thrive in what is a constantly evolving economic environment in Uganda and East Africa as a whole,” Sekabembe said.

“Constraints notwithstanding, the top 100 Survey will give hundreds of business operations the opportunity to learn from each other; engage policymakers on their contribution to the economy; benchmark themselves against other business operations and so much more. Our belief is that this initiative will go a long way in boosting the skillset of the selected companies, eventually translating to improved business practices and increased profitability,” Sekabembe added.

Present at the press conference was Managing Director, Monitor Publications Limited; Tony Glencross who hailed the Top 100 Survey as, “…invaluable and highly relevant.”
“Uganda has been recognized as one of the most entrepreneur countries in the world, which presents us with the need for systems that will create informed and skilled entrepreneurs. On behalf of The Daily Monitor, I thank and applaud dfcu Bank for joining us as we work towards supporting and building the capacity of the SME sector.”

To take part in the survey a company needs to complete two questionnaires – a general questionnaire and a financial questionnaire. The questionnaires will be available at Monitor Publications Limited, KPMG offices and select dfcu Branches. Questionnaires will also be delivered upon calling 0392-080708.
Any company can participate (with the exception of banks, insurance companies, accounting /financial consulting firms) as long as it meets the following criteria: – has a turnover range: Ushs360m to UGX 25 billion, has a three year audited financial track record and is not listed on any stock exchange.

DFCU Bank  sets up Agriculture Advisory Center

Thirteen (13) small and medium scale farmers are set to spend one week in Netherlands on a learning expedition in what is the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural produce. 

On their visit, the farmers will visit some of the most successful farmers taking advantage of partnership opportunities as well as exploring innovations and best practice that they can apply in Uganda. 

The State Minister for Agriculture Christopher Kibanzanga officially flagged of the farmers who leave for the Netherlands on Saturday the 17th of June. 
Speaking at the event, the chairperson dfcu Bank, Jimmy D. Mugerwa revealed that dfcu in partnership with Netherlands based Rabobank have set up an Agriculture Advisory Centre, which will be operational by July this year.

“With Uganda’s heavy reliance on agriculture, it is critical that there is cross industry collaboration to support the shift from subsistence to commercial farming which is more lucrative. dfcu’s Advisory Center will complement the efforts towards improving the skills set within the agricultural sector,” he said. 

DFCU has adopted the value chain based approach to support the transformation of the agricultural sector through financing and capacity building of farmer organizations/associations engaged in viable agriculture projects including coffee, cotton, tea, among others. 

As part of dfcu’s agriculture agenda, the Bank is supporting the small-scale farmers to commercialize through products such as the Farmers Group savings accounts, which encourage farmers to save and have access to affordable credit when the need arises. 

The 13 farmers emerged winners in the ‘2016 Uganda Best farmer’s competition’ which show cases the best farmers and the best framing practices nationally with intention to inspire farmers in the adaptation of commercial agriculture methods. It is a partnership between dfcu Bank; Vision Group under the New Vision; KLM and the Netherlands Embassy, which has been running since 2014. 

The total sponsorship value is over UGX 200, 000,000 (Uganda shillings Two Hundred Million only)

Alliance Française to hold the 36th Edition of Fête De la Musique 

Fête De la Musique is a French word widely known as World Music day emanated in France around 1982 and has tremendously caught the attention of many countries internationally and is open to all

It is celebrated annually since the sole purpose is to celebrate different music styles and showcase a variety of music genres around the world

At a recently concluded press conference, revelers and members of the media were treated to a scrumptious breakfast and a programme was released for the Festival 

It will commence on the 18th of June to the 24th with most of the activities happening around Kampala. There will be Live Music and Poetry at Que Pasa Restaurant starting from 7Pm featuring artistes like The Body of Brian, Ejuku, Wake the Poet, Jason Ntaro and Cyno MC.

June 19th will see Pearl Rhythm activation at the National Theatre featuring Michael Kitanda,  Zoey the Story Teller and Joash at 9Pm during the Open Jam session 

One of the most sought after shows will be the Sentire dubbed the Perfume Concert at Sheraton Kampala Hotel featuring renown artist Laurent Assoulen and entrance will be 40000 and 20000 for members of Alliance Française 

The world festival will come to a close on 24th June in a mega Concert at Ecole Française along Lugogo by pass featuring Ugandan artists like Haka Mukiiga,  Apio Moro, Geovani Kiyingi and many more.

Fête De la Musique is sponsored by Brussels Airlines, Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Alliance Française, Total, Radio France 


Coke Studio Africa confirmed Mega Platinum star, Jason Derulo as the shows guest star this year set to feature on a special episode themed the Global Fusion Edition! The American Pop/R&B singer and dancer who is currently riding high with his latest banger Swalla arrived in Nairobi, Kenya this week (June 2017) to participate in the recording of Coca-Colas flagship African music show.

During his time at Coke Studio, the new-school, multi talented creative giant who has sold over 50 million singles and impressively achieved 11 platinum singles including Wiggle, Whatcha Say, Talk Dirty, It Girl, In My Head, Trumpets and Marry Me will meet and work with 11 talented African Stars including Ugandas Bebe Cool, Dela (Kenya), Rayvanny (Tanzania), Mr. Bow (Mozambique), Falz (Nigeria), Joey B (Ghana), Betty G (Ethiopia), Jah Prayzah (Central Africa Republic/Zimbabwe), Shekhinah (South Africa), Locko (Cameroon) and Denise (Madagascar).
Jason has sold 94 million-plus single equivalent sales worldwide (5.5 billion streams & 58 million downloads). Both his introductory breakout Watcha Say and Talk Dirty [feat. 2 Chainz] reached quadruple-platinum status, while Want To Want Me and Ridin Solo went triple-platinum, and Trumpets, and Wiggle feat. Snoop Dogg, and In My Head earned double-platinum certifications. Platinum singles include Marry Me,The Other Side, and It Girl, while Get Ugly and Dont Wanna Go Home went gold.

I am excited to be part of Coke Studio Africa – 2017. I cant wait to meet and make great music with the African super stars, Derulo exclaimed, adding that he is also looking forward to lend all his expertise, learn and exchange ideas with the African artistes, producers and the shows creators.

Two of Africas hottest music producers: Masterkraft (Nigeria) and DJ Maphorisa (South Africa) will be tasked with producing all the African artistes and Jason Derulo, after which all the music will be performed and recorded live alongside Coke Studios highly talented house band. 

“In 2014 Coke Studio Africa saw the legendary Wyclef Jean take the stage and light up our households with the unforgettable Divine Sorrow. In 2015 super star NE-YO took Peace One Day to Rwanda and delivered a Coke Studio original song Reason. In 2016 Coke Studio saw the iconic Trey Songz set the stage on fire with his dynamic presence and now, in 2017 we are proud to have Mega Platinum star: Jason Derulo, a new-school, multi-talented creative giant who has sold over 50 million singles and impressively achieved 11 platinum singles including Wiggle, Whatcha Say, Talk Dirty, It Girl, In My Head, Trumpets and Marry Me, commented Rodney Nzioka, the Coca-Cola Uganda Franchise Brand Manager.

This year, Coke Studio has merged Coke Studio Africa and Coke Studio South Africa into onebigger and better, Coke Studio Africa  2017, which includes artistes from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Togo, Cote dIvoire, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, DRC and Cameroon. The new season is set to premiere in different regions from September this year and will broadcast in more than 30 countries across Africa.

African hotels equipped with a new business engine

African hotels gain a much stronger business partner as Savanna Sunrise Ltd. and Hotel Online Sp. z.o.o complete their merger. The company will operate under the name HotelOnline from now on. 

The merger brings together extensive market presence with a unique technological and business solution tailored to the needs of hotels in African markets. The offer includes: a ridiculously simple reservations management tool enabling hotels to monetize on online channels; distribution to more than 100 local and global online channels; free hotel website, with booking engine, live chat and online payment solutions as well as 24/7 multilingual customer service. 

Håvar Bauck, Executive Chairman of HotelOnline said: “These are truly exciting times!  With the merger process behind us, we are a stronger and more vibrant company than ever, with an amazing team.  We are already making aggressive inroads into the Nigerian market, as we plan for continent-wide expansion over the next 24 months.  Our ambition is inherently global, though. Beyond Africa, there is South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia. Watch this space!” 

The combination puts HotelOnline at the forefront of online hospitality solutions industry in Africa, active in DR Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe. 

The company put forward a plan of a rapid acquisition of new markets in Africa in the next couple of years. As part of an aggressive expansion strategy into West Africa, the company also announces the opening of a new Lagos office, with Alexandrial Allen, former Head of Sales in Jovago, joining as the Country Manager.

“With more than 500 hotels in Nigeria already using HotelOnline platform we have a head start as we enter the biggest market on the African continent.  Nigeria is an important market for us, as we aim to bring thousands of hotels into the era of online marketing, strengthening our partners in their competition with global hotel chains” – said Maciej Prostak, EVP Operations. 

HotelOnline, with offices in Nairobi, Kampala, Lagos, Warsaw, Dubai and Oslo, becomes a game changing online booking solution for hotels in emerging markets. 

Endre Opdal, CEO of HotelOnline is excited as the company turns an important page: “With the merger complete, we are now in a position to focus on growth and aggressive expansion over the next couple of months, before doing a full Series A funding round towards the end of the year”

Airtel and BCS Investment announce Investment Partnership with support from Facebook

Airtel Uganda has announced an investment partnership with BCS, with support from Facebook to improve the telecom infrastructure in Uganda.

The investment will see a total of nearly 800 KM of optical fiber laid in North West Uganda – covering Gulu, Adjumani, Arua, Koboko, Nebbi and Kamdini areas – which will be funded jointly by Airtel, BCS and Facebook.

Talking about BCS and its involvement in the Project, Mr. Yonas Maru – Managing Director BCS commended Facebook and Airtel for realizing that coming together to build reliable communication infrastructure can only work to make sure that in the long run the customer, the country and the people win. 

Reliable and dependable communication infrastructure helps to demolish all manner of boundaries and put local people firmly on the path to becoming global citizens. We at BCS are very happy to be part of this partnership and like in the past where we have been at the forefront of making sure that Internet in Uganda is accessible, reliable and affordable, we will forge ahead and keep opening new frontiers”.

“This investment supports our mission to bring internet access to the remaining 50% of the world’s population who are not yet connected. We’re excited to partner with Airtel and BCS in Uganda on this open access fiber backhaul project – bringing expanded data capacity to a region where it’s currently limited. We hope to continue to expand this model to partner with more operators and connect more people around the world,” said Kojo Boakye, Facebook’s African Public Policy manager.  

“This investment is in line with our promise to provide the Latest Technology, Fastest Network and Widest Coverage at the most affordable cost. We at Airtel believe that internet is the future and as such have invested heavily to ensure that our customers are part of the future now. This partnership with Facebook & BCS will see faster speeds and better internet experience on the smartphone network,” commented Mr. Anwar Soussa – Airtel Uganda’s Managing Director.  

ICT is the fastest-growing economic element in Uganda and with appropriate partnerships like the one we are witnessing this morning, we the regulator are pleased that the underserved rural communities of Uganda are getting access to ICT, noted Mr. Godfrey Mutabazi – Executive Director UCC
Mr. Bagiire Vincent Waiswa – Permanent Secretary of the ICT Ministry, commended Airtel, Facebook & BCS for the strategic partnership that will foster growth in the North West region. “We need more investment in data, because that is what the global community is heading,” he added.

North West Uganda to benefit from Airtel, BCS Investment, with support from Facebookver the years, Airtel Uganda has signed strategic partnership with the leading technology partners like IBM, Facebook, Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE in order to ensure that subscribers have the best data & telecom service experience across the entire country. With this partnership, Ugandans countrywide, starting with those in the North West, will be able to stand at par with any subscriber in Kampala or any other developed country for their ICT needs whether for business, NGOs, education, medical, social integration  or administration improvement

Emirates Offers Special Fare and Free Visa to Dubai

Offer also includes free 3rd piece of luggage and My Emirates Pass

Emirates is offering Ugandan travellers the opportunity to visit Dubai with a special Economy and Business Class return airfare that includes a free Visa, a free third piece of luggage of up to 23 kg and a “My Emirates Pass”.

Under the special offer, an Economy Class ticket from Entebbe to Dubai costs USD406 and Business Class USD1499. The fare offer is for a limited time only and tickets must be booked between 8th and 24th June 2017, while travel must take place between 8th June and 30th September 2017. The cost of the ticket includes airport taxes.

Voted by travellers as the Best Airline in the World in the 2017 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice® Awards, Emirates is also offering a free 30-day visa for the United Arab Emirates (subject to approval by immigration authorities), a 3rd piece of luggage of up to 23kg for Economy Class and up to 32kg for Business Class, as well as a My Emirates Pass, which can be used for exclusive offers and discounts across Dubai. 

The My Emirates Pass gives customers special discounts at over 120 world class restaurants and hotel dining outlets in Dubai. Exclusive offers are also available on a range of leisure activities including visits to championship golf courses, thrilling theme parks or luxury spas across the city. To see all My Emirates Pass offers, visit

With year-round sunshine, world-class shopping and restaurants, stunning beaches and iconic buildings, Dubai offers something for the whole family. Visitors to Dubai can use My Emirates Pass to enjoy some of the city’s newest attractions including must-see places like Dubai Parks and Resorts featuring three theme parks: Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, as well as the region’s first LEGOLAND® Park and LEGOLAND® Water Park.

The city also offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets.

On all Emirates’ flights, customers can look forward to hours of entertainment on the airline’s ice system, which offers over 2500 channels of on demand audio and visual entertainment, from the latest movies, music, audio books and games, as well as family friendly products and services for children, including complimentary toys, kids’ meals and movies, priority boarding for families and the use of free strollers at Dubai International Airport. 

In addition to the on-board comforts and products, customers will experience the world famous hospitality from Emirates’ multinational cabin crew while enjoying chef prepared regional and international cuisine, using the freshest ingredients, accompanied by a wide range of complimentary wines and beverages.

Emirates flies once a day from Entebbe International Airport to Dubai. To book, or for more information on fares, terms and conditions, please visit or visit the local Emirates office or your travel agent.