Destination Of The Week; Queen Elizabeth National Park



The trips celebrating #UgTravelMonth are just a few days away and what best way to start off with knowledge of where  we will be headed to? The trips are going to last throughout the month of October, with every weekend being covered by a trip to go see Uganda in all her raw beauty.


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The first trip is for a fun filled weekend in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the most famous destinations in Uganda. A park with the largest variety of wildlife, animals and bird species. Why should you be excited to go you ask?


  • Lions and More Lions

You can not think about going to the wild without a picture of a lion popping up in your mind, they define the wild and this park has a whole lot of them. These  lions are known for climbing trees and if you catch them at the right time, you might find a number of them sprawled on branches lazily watching you drive by. The lions are common in the Ishasha area which has earned them the phrase; “tree climbing lions of Ishasha.”


  • Mountain Rwenzori

There is no one to describe the view of the famous “Mountains of The Moon” from the Queen Elizabeth National Park, breathtaking cannot even cut it. The looming but beautiful sight is quite what the view, even better is that the park offers hiking packages for its visitors to get you an upclose view from up at the ranges. And if you cannot make it to the top, you can still get to see how amazing the elephants, giraffes and other animals look at the same time enjoy the snaking kazinga channel.


  • Variety

The park is not just an expansive stretch of property but it is also blessed to be a home to several different types of wild animals ranging from the giant but gentle elephant to the lanky giraffes and even huge creepers like snakes. There is always something for you to see, something new to learn from and this means you will be amazed throughout your tour of the park.


The park has a number of lodges that include; Engiri Game Lodge, Marafiki Safari Lodge among several many others as well as hotels in the neighbouring towns of Kasese and Fort Portal. All hotels and lodges can be easily booked off of Jumia Travel from the comfort of your home with a big discount if you are going for the UG travel month experience.


  • Birding

If you are an avid birding enthusiast, Queen Elizabeth will wow you with its many species of birds of which some are not native to Uganda and stop by on their migrating routes. The biggest number of bird species is native to the park and they are estimated to be over 600 of them.


some of the birds at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • Chimpanzee Tracking

The park offers chimpanzee tracking activities for visitors near Kasenyi and the neighbouring Kalinzu forest reserve where you get a chance to spot the mammals in their natural habitat as well as learn about their habits and species.


The trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park for the UG Travel Month is going to take place from the 1st of October till the 2nd, the travel entourage will set off from Garden City parking lot. If you miss this trip, there is a second trip organised from the 8th- 9th of October and will cost you just a little of 250, 000 UGX for it.













Whether you are starting or growing your family, your home must adapt to new arrivals. Regardless of whether you live in a bungalow, shared housing, apartment, gated community, every home needs to make changes to become child-proof.

Global property portal Lamudi asks the question, how can you make your home family-friendly? and the following tips make it worth once followed:

  • Make safety a priority

Whilst the interior design of your home is important, safety should be the focal point when preparing for a new arrival to your household. This includes: installing childproof gates at the top and bottom of staircases; making sure swimming pools are surrounded by a secure fence; and keeping anything out of reach that may be deemed harmful.

  • Hide switches

Today, it is possible to buy shockproof switches and sockets for all electrical outlets. Curious kids are often drawn to plugholes, so invest in advanced designs with automatic shutters, which make it impossible for your children to access the sockets.

  • Don’t scrimp on storage

Children tend to need a lot of things – from toys to clothes, strollers to cribs. Smart storage solutions will not only help make space for all of their essentials, but provide an out-of-reach area for those precious pieces of pottery. Make sure you have enough room, by installing additional shelves, baskets and hangers, and making the most of under bed storage space.

  • Protect your walls

It is inevitable that walls will gather food stains and crayon marks over time. Get ahead of the game by introducing blackboard paint into your interior design plan. This way, drawings can be left on the walls, and you can even use the space to leave notes and lists.

  • Avoid sharp edges

If you have always dreamt of having a circular bed, now would be the time to make the investment. Sharp corners are common enemies for small children, who often bump their heads when exploring the house. If circular furniture is not your style, buy special edge protectors and corner guards to avoid incidents.

  • Consider color

Whilst white may once have been your color of choice, you cannot escape the fact that it is not practical for your family home. Preparing your home for a new addition often means moving away from more neutral shades. Darker colored carpets will hide those muddy footprints as your children get older and more adventurous, whilst bolder colors are said to stimulate brain growth and development in newborns.

  • Up cycle

When your children are old enough, your favorite coffee table will be turned upside down and used as a boat, and the sofa will become a trampoline. To avoid the risk of ruining fancy furniture, modify old pieces that can handle the wear and tear.

  • Make the most of your space

It is important to create individual spaces that your kids can call their own, including dens, arts and craft areas, and playrooms. Make sure you also have a place for the whole family to spend time together. Whether this is a bigger dining table, or a comfortable, relaxing space in your living room, as your family grows, your home space needs to adapt.


ImageIntroducing the women’s day special by 40 days over 40 smiles is the #5AsideUG that will involve be great music, drinks and eats on sale, play Station, African yoga for ladies as well as the drive in cinema. this will happen on the 8th of March and the entrance is for sure affordable. there will be a panel of judges as viewed from this photo. Each team will have  five players and two substitutes with a girl in a particular team since it’s their day.
Entrance is Shs. 3,000 and the players are paying Shs. 10,000. Each team must have a lady since it is the Women’s Day Edition of the event. hoping to see all of you there

Dfcu Bank launches Uganda’s Top 100 Mid Sized Companies’ Survey

The Top 100 survey is an initiative of KPMG and the Nation Media Group represented by Daily Monitor in Uganda; it has been conducted since 2009 in Uganda and celebrating 10 years in 2018.

To celebrate 10 years, Daily Monitor & KPMG have been joined by other partners who are also the sponsors of this year’s event and that’s dfcu bank, ICEA group and Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).

As the purpose of the Top 100 Survey has been communicated in the past, it is to identify Uganda’s fastest growing medium sized companies in order to show case business excellence and highlight some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurship stories.
This year’s survey is a very big milestone in the SME sector and participating in the annual competition is very important for any SME as the survey has created and seen successful SMEs grow and graduate to the Top 100 club during the last 9 years.

The theme for this year’s survey is “Showcasing business excellence for 10 years and beyond”

As we celebrate 10 years, the survey will look mainly at economic activities that have taken place since inception to date.

It will majorly trend findings that have been collected over the past years so as to tailor trainings and workshops better.

To take part in the survey a company needs to complete two questionnaires – a general questionnaire and a financial questionnaire.

The questionnaires will be available at Monitor Publications Limited and KPMG offices. Questionnaires will also be delivered upon calling 0392-080708.

Any company can participate (with the exception of banks, insurance companies, accounting /financial consulting firms) as long as it meets the following criteria: has a turnover range of Ushs360m to UGX 25 billion, has a three year audited financial track record and is not listed on any stock exchange.

Dfcu Bank Launches Battle For Cash Season Two

dfcu Bank, in partnership with NTV Uganda and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) have launched Season II of the Investment Clubs Challenge dubbed ‘Battle for Cash.’

It is a nationwide campaign targeted at instilling a savings and investment culture in Uganda.

In 2017, dfcu Bank held a six-month long campaign that had its teams go round the country carrying out regional saving and financial literacy workshops.

Some of the topics covered included; Why and how to save, where to invest money so it can grow, things to think about when thinking of investing and so much more.

This was aimed at changing the perceptions and attitudes about money, savings and investments. With over 200 investment clubs applying to enter the campaign, 20 clubs were selected and pitted against each other in a competition that saw Geneber Outspan Organic Farmers from Amolatar emerge as overall winners walking away with a cash prize of UGX 25 million.

Speaking during the launch of the second season of Battle for Cash, the dfcu Bank Chief of Business and Executive Director, William Sekabembe said; “Financial inclusion is a major agenda for dfcu Bank. We have been taking the lead on this since 2007 when we introduced the Savings & Investment Clubs.

We believe that providing financial literacy is critical in driving financial inclusion in a sustainable way. As we launch the second season of Battle for Cash, we will be looking to build on the achievements of Season 1.

There was a positive response to the campaign in respect to the financial literacy workshops across the country and the competition in general so we believe there is a greater opportunity to raise more awareness and challenge notions about savings and investments.”

The clubs that took part in the six-month challenge benefited a lot from the theoretical and practical sessions with the specialist trainers in different areas of business. The clubs were challenged to re-examine how they run their operations, aspects of governance, their investment ideas, their savings models and so much more.

“The growth and change we have seen in the clubs that took part in the challenge last year is commendable and is directly in line with our brand promise of Making more Possible,” Sekabembe added.

Season II promises to present participants with intense and more challenging tasks and even greater learning opportunities. According to Miranda Bageine Musoke, the Manager dfcu Investment Clubs, there will be more winners and prizes and greater audience engagement.

“We have maintained the financial literacy workshops and regional prize draws to be held in 6 regions of the country to create more awareness and involvement in the campaign.

In terms of categories we have maintained the special category for Women Clubs and Youth to increase their chances of winning. Unlike last year when the audience only got a chance to vote for the Clubs that would win, this year we will be involving the public in the competition right from the start of the show.

As the audience follows the show every week, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite Investment Club to stay in the competition till the end. This will serve as a motivation to the club and also increase audience engagement,” she added.

The ‘Battle for Cash,’ challenge will provide a free platform to Investment Clubs to showcase their success stories over a period of six (6) months. Additionally, clubs which are able to present innovative investment ideas and demonstrate the ability to consistently pool savings towards the realization of their objective for a minimum period of six months will be eligible to enter the competition. They will have the opportunity to show case their ideas and investment projects on NTV Uganda.

dfcu bank has increased the overall cash prize for the second season of ‘Battle for Cash’. In comparison to last year where the winners got UGX. 25 million, this year, the winners will walk away with a cash prize of UGX. 30 million. Registration for this year’s challenge starts on 27th June 2018 and will go on till the 26th August 2018. The TV show will start airing on NTV Uganda in September.

The NTV Uganda Managing Director, Johnson Omolo said: “At NTV we are happy to be part of ‘Battle for Cash’ for the second year running together with our partners dfcu Bank and PwC. As a leading broadcaster, we value financial literacy and investment clubs as a catalyst to behavioral change for both our audiences and Ugandans at large and there is no better platform than ‘Battle for Cash’. We promise to deliver an entertaining and action packed production for Season 2.”

Over UGX 100 million in prize money has been set aside for the best Investment Clubs. Additionally, one delegate from each of the 20 selected clubs that will enter the competition will be sponsored to attend a study tour in Nairobi to share experiences, network, and widen their knowledge and contacts. This as the top seven (7) clubs receive free business advisory services, from PwC for a period of one (1) year.

To participate in the competition, visit and download the entry form, fill it in and email it to or submit it at any of the dfcu branches countrywide.


dfcu Bank appointed Andrew Kabeera as the new Chief Operating Officer. A seasoned banker with experience spanning over 13 years, Andrew Kabeera is responsible for among other aspects establishing operational excellence and great experience across all touch points and driving the strategic goal of Superior financial performance on cost income ratio.

His role entails management of Business Technology Operations; Procurement; Facilities & Administration; Credit Operations and Banking Operations – all aimed at supporting the delivery of the Bank’s strategic agenda.

Andrew Kabeera joins dfcu from Standard Chartered Bank where he was the Head of Corporate and Commercial Banking Operations. Prior to that, Andrew held a number of senior positions as Head of Consumer Banking Operations; Head of Risk; Head of Governance for Technology and Operations plus Head of Banking Operations.

He has a good understanding of Banking Operations and how to derive efficiencies through a broad range of IT services. Andrew brings on board a wealth of experience having worked in a number of big centralisation projects for both Operations and IT and also has international exposure from Nigeria, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Andrew was the chairman of the Operations Committee at the Uganda Bankers Association for 2 years where he delivered a number of industry wide initiatives.

Emirates Airline Foundation On The Road to Transforming Western Uganda Communities

The Emirates Airline Foundation along with Outreach to Africa (OTA) has established a school with three sections; nursery, primary and secondary;

The Emirates Airline Foundation campus in Geme village near Fort Portal, Kabarole District, Western Uganda.

The campus is presently catering for 850 pupils and students in both day and boarding sections. What began as a collaboration to provide basic health care services to residents in 2010, has grown to become a fully-functioning school.

Upon the completion of the on-going construction and renovation work currently underway, the capacity of the school will increase.

The Paul Devlin School was started by OTA in 2008; an NGO located in Fort Portal, Kabarole district, Western Uganda with a mission to empower communities by providing quality education, health care and economic empowerment projects.

In 2014, The Emirates Airline Foundation in partnership with OTA announced the commencement of a project valued at over US$ 1.5 million towards a building project that would transform The Paul Devlin School. The construction of The Emirates Airline Foundation Campus – a new wing of the School, will enhance the infrastructure and capacity of the school, allowing more students to enrol and receive a well-rounded education.

“The Emirates Airline Foundation is deeply committed to helping disadvantaged children around the world. The school that we are building with OTA will contribute to empowering communities and transform the lives of so many children,” said Sir Tim Clark, Chairman, The Emirates Airline Foundation.

“Our work in Uganda over the past eight years has enabled us to meet our objectives as an organization, and this project also ties in with the goals of the Ugandan government to eradicate poverty through increasing access to education,” he added.

The Emirates Airline Foundation Campus is expected to be completed by December 2018; in time for the start of the new academic year in February 2019.

The new facility of the Emirates Airline Foundation Campus will include dormitories for boarding students, sports fields, staff housing, a library and computer laboratory, a dining hall, and classrooms.

Over the years, the Paul Devlin School has enrolled thousands of students from vulnerable communities. Mr. Edward Nyakabwa, a board member with OTA said, “we have the responsibility to significantly meet the needs of and improve the lives of the communities in which we are stationed.

The new wing whose construction was funded by The Emirates Airline Foundation will enable us to increase the number of students who will, in turn, reap the invaluable asset of education,” he added.

“We admit students from the surrounding Rwenzori region and other districts in Uganda. A large number of our students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are in need of a quality education that will improve their socio-economic standing.

This expansion means that we are now equipped to improve the lives of many students who might have otherwise not received any form of formal education,” Mr. Nyakabwa added.

Infinix To Host Fans Mega Party At Club Illusion

Through the Infinix X Club, they are hosting a thrilling party for its fans themed “The Voice of X fans” which will be held this Saturday, June 23 at Club Illusion, Acacia Mall.

Infinix XClub is an online platform where individuals sign up to be part of the Infinix family and they engage with other members on different topics of interest from technology, music,photography and sports.

Members are then rewarded with points which can be redeemed to purchase different Infinix products.

Join by signing up via or download the app from google store only ( XClub) and sign in.

NB: Anyone can sign up not necessarily infinix phone handlers

As long as you download from the App Store then you are cool to go.

Emirates boosts flights for busy Umrah season

Emirates will be boosting its flights to Jeddah during the busy Umrah season. The airline will operate 24 extra flights, adding more than 10,000 additional seats between Dubai and Jeddah from 12 June to 24 June.

The additional flights will be serviced by the Boeing 777-300ER.

Emirates’ additional flights will help accommodate more convenient travel through Dubai during the Umrah season, which starts in Ramadan and concludes in July.

These services will run in parallel with Emirates’ regularly scheduled services to Jeddah, which includes three daily flights. The additional services can be accessed by travellers holding a valid Umrah visa.

Adil Al Ghaith, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations for Gulf, Middle East and Iran said:

“Performing Umrah during the month of Ramadan is a significant experience for Muslims and Emirates is helping to make the journey more seamless through convenient connections for the thousands of pilgrims looking to travel during this time.

We thank the Saudi Arabian government and authorities for their support to introduce these extra frequencies during Umrah season.”
Onboard, Emirates’ award-winning ice system features special religious programming as well as popular regional entertainment options including new drama series.

The airline’s diverse content available on board with up to 3,500 channels of entertainment includes 238 Arabic channels featuring movies, TV, music and audio.

This year, top destinations where Emirates is expecting Umrah travellers to come from are Pakistan, North Africa, the United States, the UK and South Africa.

Airtel Uganda sponsors the Masaza cup for the 2nd year running

Airtel Uganda once again joined the Buganda Kingdom to launch the Masaza Cup tournament at a press conference held at the Buganda Kingdom offices in Bulange Mengo as the platinum sponsors.

In attendance were Airtel Uganda officials led by the Managing Director Mr. V.G. Somasekhar and Buganda Kingdom officials led by Katikkiro Owek. Charles Peter Mayigga, who represented the Kabaka of Buganda, and the Sports Minister Owek. Henry Sekabembe.

The Masaza Cup is an annual Buganda Kingdom tournament that has been played since 2004 and usually features 19 teams from 19 different Buganda Kingdom regions. Last year, Gomba defeated Ssingo to emerge champion – a well-deserved win after losing to Buddu in the 2016 finals.

“We are proud to once again come together with this prestigious Kingdom to launch this tournament. Our commitment to Ugandan sports is highlighted by our involvement in football at every level right from the grass root with our Airtel Rising Stars tournament to supporting the National team-the Uganda Cranes.

“Football unites individuals and societies, develops communities and teaches the values of team work to achieve a common goal. There are no better qualities to instill in the youth today and I would like to congratulate the Buganda Kingdom for this initiative,” he added.

The Katikkiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayigga thanked Airtel Uganda for their support of Buganda kingdom activities.

“Airtel is no stranger to this Kingdom. We have worked together in the past on a number of projects and I believe we shall continue this relationship in the future. This tournament boosts talent and creates unity and I encourage everyone to participate either as a player or as fan,” he commented.

He also noted that this year, the Kabaka will grace the opening game on Saturday 23rd June in Gomba district and the finals which will be played at Namboole Stadium in August this year.

Airtel Rising Stars Returns for a 7th Season


Coaches eager to scout talent across the country


Airtel Uganda officially launched their 7th season of the Airtel Rising Stars initiative – a tournament that gives talented boys and girls under the age of 17 years an opportunity to show case their abilities in hope of securing a sports career.

The global talent search platform aims to develop grassroots football by encouraging and nurturing the youths’ football skills and providing them with the opportunity to evolve and acquire new football techniques that will turn them into distinguished soccer talents.

Airtel Uganda staff led by MD V.G. Somasekhar alongside FUFA officials officially launch ARS Season 7...jpg

The tournament that started in 2011 has identified many celebrated stars such as Farouk Miya, Muhammed Shaban, Martin Kizza, Kezironi Kizito, Fazila Ikwaput, Hasifa Nasuuna, Allan Okello, Pius Obuya, Bashir Asiku, Mathias Muwanga and many other talented players who have gone on to play professional football for local and international football clubs, with many being drafted to the National football team.

This year, the matches will be played in the 8 FUFA regions with Fort Portal hosting the finals on 27th August 2018. The football matches will be closely watched and followed by FUFA selected scouts whose role will be to identify the next Ugandan superstars.

Route plan.jpeg

According to Mr. V.G. Somasekhar, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Airtel Uganda is committed to the development of sports in Uganda at all levels.

“Our involvement in Ugandan sports starts right at the grassroots with this football tournament and crosses into the Ugandan football leagues all the way up to the National team. We believe that with the right support, the Uganda’s youth will be able to realize their talent in fields such as football and we are here to nurture and advance that talent,” he commented.

The FUFA President and Guest of Honor Eng. Moses Magogo commended Airtel for their unwavering support to Ugandan football.

Airtel Uganda staff led by MD V.G. Somasekhar alongside FUFA officials officially launch ARS Season 7.jpg

“We are lucky to have business entities like Airtel Uganda whose mission is rooted in growing passion points like football – a uniting factor for Ugandans across all tribes and religions. As the official sponsor of the Uganda Cranes, Airtel has and continues to be a great contributor to the football stars of today and tomorrow,” he noted.

The winning teams at this year’s ARS national finals for both boys and girls will each win 5,000,000 shillings among other individual team accolades.













Coca-Cola Uganda Launches 2018 FIFA World Cup at Exclusive Media Event



  • Company to hold nation-wide live viewings of select tournament matches


Coca-Cola Uganda officially launched the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament at an exclusive media event, which was held at popular sports bar Liquid Silk located in Bugolobi. The invite-only event was attended by approximately 100 guests who included Coca-Cola officials, media house heads and members of the media.

Hosted by Andrew Kabuura, Guests were treated to an exciting evening of food, free flowing drinks, football trivia and entertainment with lucky winners walking away with exciting prizes that included Coca-Cola branded items such as t-shirts, key rings, balls and brand new television sets.

Lucky winners pose with their prizes. In red - the Coca-Cola Uganda Management team.jpg

Lucky winners taking Russia to their Living rooms

During the event, Coca-Cola also officially launched the 2018 World Cup song “Colours” – a true collaboration between Coca-Cola and Jason Derulo, “Colours” features Coke Studio Ugandan representative Ykee Benda who created the localized version to uniquely celebrate Uganda’s passion for football.

Welcoming guests to the event, Ms. Miriam Limo, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Uganda spoke of the Company’s historic association with sports- a the platform that has secured Coca-Cola’s position as a supporter of national and global sports events, including the FIFA World Cup.

Sheebah entertains the guests.....jpg

Swag mama aka Karungi Sheebah entertaining the audience

“From COPA Coca-Cola which supports development of football talent at the national, grassroots level to the biggest sporting event in the world, Coca-Cola continues to show its commitment to both the nurturing and showcasing of football talent. Our Company’s commitment to the celebration of football is the reason we are here today; joining the rest of the world to launch the 2018 FIFA World Cup games,” she noted.

Coca Cola Beverages Africa Public Affairs and Communications Director Mr. Simon Kaheru thanked the guests for honoring the invitation and especially the media for their support throughout the first half of the year.

Goodies for the guests.jpg

Coca cola goodies that were up for grabs

“2018 has been a busy year for us at Coca-Cola. We started with the prestigious FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour and quickly went into our 25th COPA Coca-Cola tournament and now we are launching the World Cup. Our commitment to Uganda extends beyond providing refreshing products to encouraging and supporting sports such as football that unite and empower Ugandans at all levels,” he said.

A toast by the Coca-Cola team_ Simon Kaheru, Miriam Limo and Maggie Kigozi.jpg

A toast to the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The Coca-Cola Company has had a long-standing relationship with FIFA since 1976 and has been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™ since 1978.  Earlier this year, the two global bodies partnered to do the fourth FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour.


dfcu Bank hands over refurbished Nakivubo Blue Primary School to Kampala City Council Authority





dfcu Bank officially handed over a refurbished Nakivubo Blue Primary School to KCCA. The handover was made at the school premises and presided over by KCCA’s Acting Director Education & Social Services Mr. Ambrose Atwoko.


The handover of the school follows a UGX 85,000,000 donation made by dfcu Bank in August last year intended for the renovation of a three-classroom block and provision of furniture. The school which is managed by the Kampala City Council Authority has over 1,000 students who come from the surrounding Owino Market and Kisenyi areas.

The refursbished block was previously a storage room for firewood. dfcu Bank's UGX 85,000,000 donation made in August last year was used for the renovation of the facility into a 3-class

Located downtown, Nakivubo Blue Primary is one of the oldest primary schools in Kampala district. Over the years, the school’s physical structures had become dilapidated and needed urgent refurbishment for a conducive learning atmosphere.


Speaking during the announcement, Jude Kansiime, dfcu Bank’s Head of Marketing said the contribution was part of the Bank’s efforts to positively impact the lives of various communities in and around the bank’s business operations.


“Guaranteeing a decent learning environment for over 200 pupils each year will go a long way in providing an avenue for children in the communities to receive a basic education in an environment conducive to learning We believe that it is the Bank’s ethical responsibility to support community development of which improving educational facilities in integral to increasing literacy levels in the country,” Kansiime says.


dfcu’s Corporate Social Responsibility program is hinged on number of pillars which include; Child and Maternal Health, Environmental Management, Community Development and Emergency Intervention. Under these pillars, dfcu Bank supports a number of initiatives with the belief that the wellbeing of the individuals and organizations which benefit from them will experience tangible transformational.

dfcu Bank's Head of Marketing_ Jude Kansiime (2nd R) unveils the refurbised classrom block at Nakivubo Blue Primary Schiool. The handover of the school follows a UGX 85,000,000 donation

KCCA Acting Director Education & Social Services, Ambrose Atwoko applauded dfcu Bank for making an investment whose benefits will extend to countless members of the Owino and Kisenyi communities- over a significant period of time.


“On behalf of the Kampala Capital City Authority, the students, parents and teachers at Nakivubo Blue Primary School, I extend our gratitude to dfcu Bank for this generous gesture which inevitably play an invaluable role in the education of thousands of students. As we strive for all round development of our city, we both appreciate and recognize the power of partnerships in getting there. I guarantee that this initiative will achieve its intended purpose of transforming the recipient communities,”Atwoko said.