Dr.Wale Akinyemi the key note speaker at the second Marketers night event this year   Kampala, Uganda, 29thJuly 2014–Uganda’s top marketers were last Friday engaged in a rigorous and insightful skills building session on the intricacies of developing winning strategies at the global stage even as the field of marketing grows beyond artistic and creative tasks to include more technical and complex requirements.


Set in an exquisite and colorfulnight of networking and learning, the 2nd Marketer’s Night of 2014 did not disappoint with the over 200 marketing executives from top companies gathering to collectively formulate new strategies that will take the country forward.

The night, organized by Marketing Africa in partnership with Tusker Malt Lager, started with a sumptuous dinner and afro-fusion music by Myko Ouma and his band before the keynote speaker Dr. Wale Akinyemi, the Chief Transformation Officer, Power Talks Consultants shared the all-important tips for growing and maintaining their brands through winning strategies.

Dr.Wale dances to Yemi Alade's Johnny just before his keynote speech.

The Marketers Night Out didn’t disappoint as Dr. Akinyemi’s persona always captivates and his voice, great sense of humor, genuine personality and words of endless wisdom echoed through the Africana Hotel.

Akinyemi revealed that ‘In life the right to be remembered doesn’t not come with existence, it comes with achievement.’ and concluded with ‘If your absence doesn’t make a difference, your existence wasn’t necessary’ which left the marketers in agreement.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Themba Nobanda, Uganda Breweries Limited, MarketingManager said: “Through your presence here, you have not only successfully introduced your company and brand to another person or business market, you have also been able to see the enormous talent and creativity that is now so much a part of Uganda’s marketing and business industry”.

Considered a key business and networking event in Uganda, the Marketers night puts the gift of talking and making new connections at the core of what it means to be a great business and is a Uganda Breweries Limited sponsored gala dinner which is the culmination of a program of events, exclusive to Tusker Malt Lager consumers.

Myko Ouma and his band kept the crowd entertained.

The exclusive evening provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and business managers to showcase their companies to investors, and for investors hopefully to identify and support the next big thing. Previous Marketers Nights out has attracted a number of well-known industry players and speakers to dialogue and share their expertise.


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