The continued growth of slums in Kampala has led to a proposed ban in the city and surrounding areas, including Entebbe and Wakiso, by the  Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

The proposal is currently undergoing review by the Authority’s committee of physical planning before it is submitted to the Minister for Kampala, then to the parliament for debate. The proposal hopes to see Kampala embrace high-rise residential buildings and ease congestion.

Experts expect improved social infrastructure and job creation if proposal is implemented

According to industry experts, the plan is feasible and will suit the rapidly changing city, with its increasing population. The project is expected to have a major impact on other industries as it is linked to sectors like financial services and manufacturing, and has the potential to create more jobs in the country.

Lamudi Uganda Country Manager, Shakib Nsubuga, said: “Should KCCA’s proposal be passed by parliament, we expect to see a drastic increase in low cost housing projects in the Kampala and Wakiso areas. We should also expect to see an improvement in social infrastructure like roads. Most of the road projects will be fast-tracked to allow for this development.”

Through The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, the government is already working towards ensuring organized housing in some areas of Kampala and Wakiso. They are in negotiations with several investors, both local and foreign, to construct organized low-cost housing and infrastructure in these areas.

Mr Nsubuga said “Institutional financing should be used to implement this plan for example funds from organizations like National Social Security Fund. There is also fear that these slums might be moved to the outskirts of the city if KCCA does not speed up the implementation process of this plan.”


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