Airtel Uganda recognized at Women’s Day Banquet


 Airtel Uganda Brand Assets and Properties Manager Noela Byuma addresses guests at the Women's Day banquet held at Serena Hotel recently

Airtel Uganda, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Uganda, was recognized for its work in support of gender equality at the 3rd Annual Women’s Day Banquet dinner which was held at the Serena Hotel in Kampala.

Since 1986,the government of Uganda, alongside International and National non-Governmental organizations, has always commemorated the International Women’s Day under various themes for instance under this year’s theme –‘Empowerment of Women and Girls Is Progress for All’

The Women’s Day banquet was held to; Celebrate programs and products that benefit women, Inspire Ugandans and companies in Uganda to advocate for gender equality and Educate the country about the activities that have been done so far to benefits women and girls and promote gender equality.

Airtel Uganda's Noela Byuma receives Airtel's award for supporting gender equality at the Women's Day baquet held at Serena Hotel recently

Receiving the certificate on behalf of Airtel Uganda, Noela Byuma, the Brand Assets and Properties Manager said“A woman in good health condition is a great pillar of support not only for her family but also her community.”

“Airtel Uganda has taken and continues to take steps to protect and empower women and girls in Uganda. Our partnership with Thought Works and Girl Geek to support girls in technology, the 2014 Airtel Women of Substance Awards and our recent donation of over 500 MAMA kits to women in Eastern Uganda are testament to this. We are honored and proud to be a partner in these celebrations,” she added.

The Guest of Honor and Chief Government Whip, Honorable Ruth Nankabirwa, thanked all the companies that had been recognized for their role in the advocacy for gender equality. “I encourage all Ugandans whether individually or through their companies to take part in the empowerment of girls and women countrywide,” she said.


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