Lamudi, Uganda’s number one online market place, walked away with the ‘Premium Innovation’ Award at the Property Expose award ceremony that was held at UAP Business Park last week on Friday 13th March 2015.

The Premium Innovation Award was handed to the company’s Country Manager Mr. Shakib Nsubuga who has been working with the company since it started in Uganda in 2013. The company won the award for their creative, inspiring and innovative ideas that they have introduced to the real estate market of Uganda. Some of these ideas include: quick turnaround time to queries made both online and offline, a toll free number that makes communication convenient and cost free and boosting agents on social media which increases their market base.

This expose is held every year to bring together all real estate and property companies under one roof. It gives where people an opportunity to meet a variety of services that are offered by different companies and also be educated on how one can fully utilize these companies to benefit their real estate ventures.

This year’s Property Expose boasted of 65 companies that participated which is 40 more companies than the previous year.

Shakib Nsubuga remarked on winning the award that: “This was a great honor for not only Lamudi in Uganda but for the company in general. Our aim is to make our product as user-friendly to our customers as well as creating some of the strongest content and ideas in the industry. It was such an achievement to be noticed in this category.”


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