According to new data released today by global real estate portal Lamudi ranks cheapest locations for office space and Ethiopia’s capital city is the most affordable location to invest in commercial property in Africa while Morocco is home to some of the region’s most expensive office space,

Prices for office space in the Summit area of Addis Ababa average 1039.61 Ethiopian birr, equivalent to just over US$50 per square meter. In contrast, offices in the Guéliz area of Marrakech in Morocco are priced at US$2300 per square meter on average.

The commercial real estate ranking is based on average prices per square meter drawn from the sales price of listings on the Lamudi website, which covers more than 30 countries in the emerging markets. The top five list takes into account both affordability as well as the available supply of commercial property in each area to determine the leading locations to invest in office space outside of traditional central business districts.

Westlands, an affluent area in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, claims second spot on the list of top locations to invest in office space. Buying an office in the area, where business owners can find some of the most affordable commercial property outside of the city’s central business district, costs an average US$664.23.

Rounding out the top five locations to buy office space in Africa are: Anthony in Lagos, Nigeria (US$770.16 per sqm); the port city of Zarzis in Tunisia (US$871.28 per sqm); and Béjaia, a port in Algeria (US$1004.98 per sqm) as propelled in the table below

Area Country
Price per square meter (local  currency) Price per square     meter (USD)
Summit, Addis Ababa Ethiopia 1039.61 50.83
Westlands, Nairobi Kenya 61538.46 664.23
Anthony, Lagos Nigeria 153301.89 770.16
Zarzis Tunisia 1700 871.28
Béjaia Algeria 98039.22 1004.98


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