Maurice Kirya to record song with NE-YO on Coke Studio Africa

11916109_1148792601803139_7708389773756222249_nIt is confirmed that Maurice Kirya, better known as King of Mwoyoo, will be the only artist from Uganda working with multi award-winning American R&B and Pop sensation NE-YO on the upcoming season of Coke Studio Africa – set to premiere in October. NE-YO is the guest star of Coca-Cola’s flagship African music show (now on its third season).

Next week, Maurice will be headed to Nairobi, the show’s recording HQ, to meet and work with NE-YO and the other African superstars: Wangechi (Kenya), Alikiba (Tanzania), Dama Do Bling (Mozambique) and Ice Prince (Nigeria) – all set to converge in Nairobi. He has been chosen to record a special Coke Studio Africa song with NE-YO, alongside the other artists.

Following the loss of his mother over the past week, Maurice says, “I would like to thank all my friends, family, fans, institutions and the world at large for comforting me in such a trying time,” ahead of his arrival in Kenya for the mega mash up. He affirmed his position in representing Uganda and working with all the artists, adding, “I am looking forward to working on the song with NE-YO. I have always admired his music style.”

In the past 10 years, NE-YO has produced six albums. His debut album In My Own Words was a bona fide R&B game changer bearing classics: “Stay”, “So Sick”, “When You’re Mad” and “Sexy Love”. His latest album, Non–Fiction was released in January of 2015. The album reached number five on the US Billboard Top 200, making NE-YO the second male R&B artist to have six consecutive top 10 albums.

Album art work for Ne-Yo shot in Los Angeles, CA.

In an official statement NE-YO said, “It’s a true honor to return to Africa and celebrate artists from all over the continent. By creating this musical fusion through Coke Studio Africa, people of all races, ethnicities and religion will come together through this remarkable opportunity. I’m so excited to build lasting moments with all of these incredibly talented artists and musicians.”


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