………………….Lamudi Uganda shares with you top five neighborhoods in Kampala for schools…………………..


Neighborhoods with good schools attract a big number of home buyers, because of families moving closer to where their children are going to school.

With several public and private schools recently breaking off for their second term holidays and some international and private schools prepare to welcome students to a new academic year, there has been less traffic and activity in these neighborhoods.

Shakib Nsubuga, Country Manager of Lamudi in Uganda, said:

“People find it convenient to settle in neighborhoods that have good schools, amenities and are safe. That is why when it comes to looking for property these areas are at the top of the list. For most families, they want to offer the best education for their children so moving to a new neighborhood is not a problem if they can afford it.”

This week Lamudi shares with you some of the top five neighborhoods in Kampala for schools.


  • Kololo

Kololo is one of the most expensive locations in Kampala by far with land going for as much as $1,500,000 for an acre. Houses for sale going for as much as $260,000 and rentals range from  $1500 per month. The fact that there are several schools in this area such as Kabojja Junior, Daffodils, Kitante Primary School and also close to Delhi International School, this makes Kololo very popular. This neighborhood is also home to embassies, shopping centers, malls and offices which makes it convenient for parents.


  • Bugolobi

This is another neighborhood in Kampala that is easily accessible and has a number of schools from day cares such as Kissy-fur, Montessori and St. Kizito Primary School. Bugolobi also has hospitals, offices and malls which makes it ideal for families. Houses for sale in this area go for around $200,000 and rental properties for as low as $290.

  • Bukoto

This is a suburb that is popular for its residential properties like Bukoto flats. This is also the home to one of Kampala’s prestigious international schools, Kampala International School Uganda. There are several primary schools and also a few minutes away from Delhi International School. Amenities such as hospitals, churches and a police station, Bukoto attracts a large number of people due to its convenience. A property for rent in this neighborhood goes for as low as $200 and property for sale for $250,000.


  • Luzira

Apart from several lake views, Luzira is another neighborhood known for its schools, one of the schools that is located in this neighborhood is Gems International. Luzira is a busy suburb with several markets that sell fresh produce, offices, hotels and hospitals. This neighborhood provides both convenience and serenity for its people. Properties for rent in this area range from $200 and properties for sale for as low as $180,000.


  • Nakasero

Nakasero is known for its accessibility and security. It is also a neighborhood that has a number of institutes and schools like Nakasero Primary School. This neighborhood also boasts of number of embassies, offices, hospitals and the presidential state house making it a safe and convenient neighborhood. Properties in this neighborhood are more expensive for example, a property for rent may go as low as $300 while a house for sale $300,000.


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