Uganda: The Budget Traveler’s Haven


When you think about travel, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. You need to be able to afford your trip. A lot of places are impossible to visit without some major cash in the bank. Luckily, Uganda is one destination that’s perfect for the budget traveler.


In Uganda, there is always an affordable option when it comes to accommodation. Whether you prefer to stay right in the city centre or in the most remote part of Tororo, you will be sure to find somewhere to pitch tent for the night that won’t break the bank. Hotels, hostels and lodges all over Uganda are available for as little as $7 per night. If you happen to book with you’ll be sure to get the best prices available.


Uganda has a fairly complex public transport linking all the most popular destinations to the capital city. You can easily get a bus to anywhere from the main Kampala Bus Terminus. On top of availability, long-distance bus trips are extremely affordable. A bus from Kampala to Fort Portal in the West cost about $5.


Eating in Uganda is extremely affordable. Whether you want to experience local food or dine out. On average a local meal will go for UGX 4,000 which is just about $1. A meal at a nice restaurant with a drink will go for between UGX15,000 and UGX45,000 which is about $5 to $10 depending on the place.


Uganda has fairly affordable rates when it comes to park entrance fees and tour packages. To get more for your money, consider traveling in groups so as to take advantage of group discounts.


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