Airtel Uganda unveils Cutting-Edge Internet Device.

Mr. Prasoon Lal, Airtel Uganda Marketing Director talks about the new Airtel WingleIn a move to continue its dominance as Uganda’s Smartphone Network, Airtel Uganda has unveiled a one of a kind pocket friendly internet connection device named The Airtel Wingle.

The Airtel Wingle is a 3G Wi-Fi/Internet device that can connect up to 10 devices. The device doesn’t necessarily need to be plugged into your laptop for it to work, but rather, needs to be connected to a USB power port anywhere; in a car, a USB adapter or even using a universal USB charger.

Not only can the device connect to all Windows, Android and IOS devices, it also has a two-way connectivity, whereby, if you insert a 3G Sim card in it, you create a portable Wi-Fi hot spot that can connect to other devices for unlimited power.

How to connect.

  1. Insert an Airtel SIM card into the Airtel Wingle.

  2. Plug it into any power source, this can be a USB port, power adapter 0r car charger to create a Wi-Fi hot spot.

  3. You can connect up to 10 users at ago & enjoy uniform speeds

Speaking to PrasoonLal, the Airtel Marketing Director, he said; “The Airtel Wingle is a device fit for this Smartphone generation due to its portability, high signal strength and can be used anywhere any time to connect up to 10 users.

We believe that our customers will enjoy using the Airtel Wingle and we shall continue introducing cutting-edge devices and products to enhance the way people communicate in Uganda.”

“At a cost of only 100,000 UGX, the device is affordable and furthermore, it comes with 1GB of free mobile data valid for 1 month. The Airtel Wingle is available at all Airtel Uganda shops countrywide.” He added.



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