An American mobile smart phone manufacturer sets its foot step on the Ugandan soil on March 2nd 2015 and in no time it takes the market by storm. After co-founder Jawad Qureshi makes the introductory appeal on a locally popular Luganda language TV station called Bukedde,  the sales volume of the iDROID Royal V7 and Tango A5 shoot through the roof, leading the company to give birth to the First ever FREE smart phone “iDROID  Royal V4” given by Africell Uganda once a client purchased only 750 MB of data from it for 1 year. The iDROID smart phones have taken over the hearts of many Ugandans. Just 10 months after its launch in Uganda, iDROID has invented the first ever Luganda language smart phone for local Ugandan citizens, certainly an option that Google surely missed out on!  

 iDROID USA today announced its latest Luganda smart phone for all Ugandans. The perfectly Sized, 4.0 inch Multi-Touch screen tri-lingual phone operates in both Swahili and Luganda. Its 5MP rear camera captures your moments with clarity and a standby time upto 180 hours to keep you connected to the ones you love.  The iDROID SIMU  incorporates iDROID’s latest innovative design and technology, giving customers the ability to express their individuality with powerful performance cicumfrancing it all within their mother tongue- Luganda; a language spoken and read by the majority.

The Brand new iDROID SIMU offers unmatched style, performance along with enhanced features perfect for self-expressions.

 “As iDROID, we are committed to continued innovation, inspired by the feedback and needs of our wide range of customers. Our newly launched rescue App gives a strong evidence of our focus on innovation. This App has greatly solved an industry problem since phones with any software problems can now be remotely fixed by the iDROID certified technicians saving client’s precious time when it comes to repairs. ,” says Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Jawad Qureshi.  


 The iDROID SIMU continues the latest iDROID design heritage, enhancing all elements of esthetics for a smart phone anywhere in the world selling around the $50 price range. The new phone provides superior viewing experience with a dynamic multi-Touch  screen.

 The IDROID SIMU also comes equipped with an enhanced 5 Mega pixel camera for both brighter and clearer photos and videos. This advanced system includes iDROID Beast speakers, a slot for a 32GB SD card as well as the popular iDROID Hub App for support.  Customers can also take their best selfie using its front camera with flash.  

Imma Nankya, a third year student at Makerere University noted that “I can’t wait to experience the iDROID SIMU. Who knew, we would one day have a phone in our mother tongue. I bought the Tango A5 when it was launched in May and it is the best phone I have ever held. The iDROID is a much better value than other smart phones.”

“Our demand has always exceeded supply but with this Luganda language phone hitting stores next week, we can’t produce them fast enough as most of our retailers are already pre-sold.” says Jawad Qureshi, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.


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