Adventure to Sipi Falls courtesy of @JovagoTravel

download (1)Uganda is a pearl of Africa and there is no doubt about that hypothesis  because of her beautiful sceneries and in this segment of elevating Uganda tomtge rest of the world in the Tourism industry, we present to  you SIPI falls in Kapchorwa.

Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda in the district of Kapchorwa, north east of Sironko and Mbale. The waterfalls lie on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border. With a cooler climate than most of the country, Sipi Falls is a nice place to unwind, relax and literally chill out – away from the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities. The area is known for the Arabica coffee grown there which is one of the best in East Africa.

download (2)Activities: There are a number of things to do when in Sipi. The most popular being the hike to the three falls. The complete circuit is 7km and takes about 4 hours. It’s not too challenging but you will break into a good sweat. After the hike, you can cool off with a quick dip in a natural pool with 5 degrees Celsius water straight from Mt. Elgon. Other activities include the coffee farm tour where you get a chance to meet the farmers and watch them process the coffee beans.A guided tour costs $6. Fees paid for these activities go into community development programmes in the area.

download (2)Stay: There are a number of lodges and backpacker lodgings in the area offering a range of accommodation for all budgets. We stayed at a place called Crow’s Nest which is one of the pioneer lodges in the area with a capacity of up to 100 travellers with the option of dormitories, double decker or double rooms. The dormitory beds go for $8 which includes tea/coffee and bananas for breakfast. The decker rooms and double rooms go for $12 and have private bathrooms. All rooms face the breathtaking views of the Sipi falls. has a number of hotels in the Mt. Elgon area which means that you can take advantage of the best price guarantee.

Transport: Kampala to Sipi is a four hour drive with mostly good tarmac road all the way. A bus will cost about $3 one way and can be found at the old taxi park in the Central Business District. The roads are winding once you get to Mbale so if you are driving a personal vehicle be careful. Bodas (motorcycle taxis) and taxis are available in Sipi town if you want to explore further.


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