Airtel Uganda Director, Mr Paul LangloisWith the constant development in technology, life can only get simpler for us all. This is the case with Telecom giant Airtel Uganda’s latest upgrades to its Mobile Money App. Not only is its interface evidently enticing to the eye (engraved with an artistic dash of red) but its navigation too has been made a lot more seamless.  The improved App also offers more solutions for Airtel Money users.

“At Airtel Uganda, we aim at continuously giving our customers newer, easier and more convenient ways to enjoy our services and products,” says Paul Langlois, Airtel Money Marketing Director.

“That is why all Airtel Uganda customers with Android smartphones can now use our Airtel Money service in a seamless and integrated way. To download this App, simply visit your PlayStore, input Airtel Mobile Money and download it,” he explained.

The App is available for free and does not need data.

And with fresh modifications comes added features. “With this upgrade, there will be no session time-outs.

This is topped off by a faster transaction processing and an even better experience for the agent network as well.”

Customers who use the App also have more data bundle and airtime options. Other functions on the App include bank transactions, payment of utility bills including power, water and Pay TV.

“As the Smartphone Network, part of our job is to create solutions that maximize the use of these gadgets; making life for our customers easier,” Paul concluded.



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