Enjoy free Facebook with Airtel Bonus Zone.



Following great consumer demand for Airtel Zone, Airtel Uganda is now topping its offer of massive discount on call rates with free Facebook for its users.  Through its Airtel Bonus Zone, subscribers across the country can now get free Facebook use while enjoying reduced call rates of less than 3/- per second across all networks.

How to get onto Airtel Bonus ZoneAirtel Bonus Zone is available for anyone who is already part of Airtel Zone; which was launched in 2015 and continues to give up to 99% discount on Airtel to Airtel calls and 35% discount on calls made to other networks.

With the recently introduced Airtel Bonus Zone, users receive a guaranteed 95% discount, paying as less than 1/- per second on Airtel to Airtel calls in addition to having free access to Facebook for 24 hours.

Speaking on the offer, Airtel Uganda’s New Product Development Manager, Remy Tugume said, “For only 800/-, our customers get two major benefits for the price of one. You make on-netcalls for as low as 0.35/- per second and get to use Facebook for 24 hours at no extra charge.”

“However, one can only access Airtel Bonus Zone if they have signed up for Airtel Zone tariff,” he added.

Tugume also said that the zone discounts apply to only one’s airtime and not to other Airtel products such as Pakalast that they might be subscribed to.

“Simply dial 1351# to join Airtel Zone, and 13510# for Airtel Bonus Zone,” he concluded.



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