Airtel Uganda has today announced the planned departure of Mr. Prasoon Lal, the Marketing Director, Mr. Diego Pacheco, the Chief Commercial Officer and Mr. Paul Langlois, the Airtel Money Director.

Anwar Soussa

Anwar Sousa Airtel MD

Speaking about his planned exit, Lal thanked the staff and management of Airtel Uganda for their hospitality and dedication to excellence. “For the years I have worked at Airtel, I have seen the brand grow from a newly-merged telecom to the second largest player in the Uganda telecommunications industry. As I move on to a new challenge, I wish the team well as they continue to strive towards becoming the number one telecom in Uganda,” he said.

“The decision to leave Airtel was not an easy one,” explained Langlois, who plans to move to France to be closer to his wife and family.

Commenting about the exit, Pacheco stated that he would have loved to stay and work in Uganda for a few more years. “…however, I have been offered a fantastic opportunity to enhance my career elsewhere and I have decided to take it,” he stated.

Airtel Uganda Director, Mr Paul Langlois

Mr Paul Langlois the out going director

According to Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. Anwar Soussa, “Airtel Uganda will always be grateful to Pacheco, Langlois and Lal for the dedication and hard work that they have put in to grow the Airtel brand to where it is today.”

“On behalf of the entire team at Airtel, I wish them the best in their future endeavors,” he said, adding that the telecom shall be looking to recruit local talent to fill their positions.


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