Multi-talented Ugandan singer Chameleone of the “Wale Wale” hitsongreturns to the new season of Coke Studio Africa this year!  On the fourth season, he will be working on song collaborations with Mozambican Marrabenta singer Neyma. Speaking exclusively in Nairobi upon his arrival to start recording, Chameleone said, “The new season of Coke Studio Africa is the best you will ever experience – it’s the best! The new format is so exciting and challenging to the artiste you will see the best of Chameleone.”

Jose Chameleone representing Uganda in Coke Studio Africa 4 pose for a photo.


Chameleone and Neyma have been paired with Nigerian producer Masterkraft. The two have already started working on new music that fans will get to experience on the new Discover season. While in Nairobi Chameleone said that he is glad to work with Neyma as her music fuses well with his. He said, “I am open to collaborating with other artistes but I am very choosy when it comes to who I actually work with. If you follow keenly you will notice that there is something about all Chameleone collaborations,” adding, “It’s also great to discover Neyma’s culture and work with Mastekraft.”

Neyma aka Beyonce representing Mozambique in Coke Studio Africa 4 pose for a photo.

On the third season of Coke Studio Africa, Neyma collaborated with Nigerian rapper Olamide and produced by Kenyan producer Musyoka. This season fans from Uganda and Mozambique are set to witness Mozambican sounds clash with the authentic sounds of Ugandan music to make an exciting collaboration. Neyma asserts: “It will be memorable!”


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