Airtel Uganda, Barclays Bank Launch “Ready to Work” Data Bundle partnership



  • Aimed at bridging the divide between education and the work place expectations

Leading telecommunications company Airtel Uganda has today announced a partnership with Barclays Bank in which they will provide a free internet platform for youth who sign up for Barclays’ ‘Ready to Work’ programme – a partnership that will provide increased access to this youth employability programme.

Ready to Work, a program that was launched in May 2016 by Barclays Uganda, provides young people with a digital and face-to-face learning curriculum designed to help them develop the skills that will prepare them for employment as well as starting their own business. So far, 12,000 youth across the country have signed on to the program.

Speaking on behalf of the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, Mr. Deepak Bhartia, the Chief Commercial Officer commended Barclays Bank for this initiative that aims at tackling the persistent problem of youth unemployment.


“Airtel Uganda has been supporting and will continue to support the youths in Uganda through programs like this which equip them with the necessary tools to enhance their lives whether in the formal or the informal sector,” he said

“We pledge our cooperation and support to Barclays Bank to ensure that more youths continue to enroll onto this Ready to Work program,” he added.

Mr. Rakesh Jha, the Managing Director Barclays Bank of Uganda noted that, “…answering this pressing societal challenge is not a task that can be accomplished alone and we need to collaborate with a range of partners to succeed powering Ready to Work across the country. We are, therefore, proud to partner with Airtel Uganda, which collaboration will enable us reach more youth and provide them with the required data to complete the course.”


To enroll into the programme, Airtel Uganda subscribers just have to dial 175200# and they shall be sent the link for the Ready to Work programme that will be free of access.






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