Village Power Uganda makes commitment to rural electrification.


Village Power Uganda has reiterated their commitment to improving the lives of Ugandans across the country by providing sustainable solar solutions.  The assurance was made last week at the official launch of the Village Power House in Kololo, Kampala. Mr. John Tumuhimbise, the Ministry of Energy Commissioner for renewable energy was the guest of honor at the event which was attended by several dignitaries and Village Power customers.


Presently Village Power has a presence Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, and Tanzania; providing access to off-grid sustainable energy solutions in of people in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa.

Village Power’s Solar Solutions for Rural Electrification provide affordable, sustainable and reliable electricity to off-grid areas and facilitate access to clean light, safe water, communication, information, medication and various business opportunities.


Speaking at the event, Village Power’s Thomas Huth, CEO of Village Power, emphasized the Company’s commitment to keep designing a range of products that would cater for the growing and varying needs of their customers.

“We believe that access to modern energy is a critical factor for development. In order to create substantial social, economic and environmental impact we are committed to build Village Power into a fast growing, for-profit social enterprise. Village Power’s activities include the sale, installation and after-sales service of high quality Solar Systems and Accessories,” Huth said.

“Over the last few years, we have installed over 10,000 solar systems and have impacted over 60,000 people, i.e., family members and dependents of our customers. 25% of these solar installations were made under the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), where we contributed a significant number over 20% overall, yet we were one of the last companies to join this program.


Huth also expressed gratitude to the Company’s partners including; Finance Trust Bank, The Government of Uganda, The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, the Local Government, district and community leaders whom he said have “…made tremendous contributions to our overall success in Uganda.”


In his remarks, Mr. John Tumuhimbise, the Ministry of Energy commissioner for renewable energy noted that Village Power’s work in Uganda is in line with the ministry’s goals, vision, mission and larger mandate. “One of the main goals of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development is to contribute effectively to poverty reduction in the country. Village Power’s work in Uganda has helped thousands of people live better lives- economically and socially. Most importantly, these have been done in a manner that is safe and environmentally sustainable.”

Concluding, Tumuhimbise conveyed the importance of strategic partnerships for the development of the country; “…one of our roles as government is to attract investment. And the benefits of this can be seen from the fruits of Village Power’s work in Uganda. I applaud their continuous efforts to improve the socio-economic lives of the communities in which they operate and on behalf of the Government of Uganda, pledge our continued support to Village Power Uganda.”





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