Is this what TECNO’s new CAMON CX would look like?



After the release of the TECNO CAMON C9 which parades a lot of remarkable smartphone features, sales for the CAMON series have continued to grow and this has raised the expectations of almost every notable smartphone pundit and off course TECNO fans.

In addition, after the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the “Invisible smartphone king in Africa”, that took place in one of the most glamorous cities of the world, speculators currently suggest that TECNO’s next smartphone launches will be out of this world.

However, TECNO in their usual style is set to release another device from its CAMON clan- named the CAMON CX, and while various leaks have allowed our imagination to wander, there have been a lot of rumoured features and images that have been trending for a while now and has all manner of awesomeness written all over it.

The details are pretty much in the rumour category at this point, but as the launch date draws near, a clearer picture is emerging of the device and we do not know if all is totally true, but the most recent reports tease several exciting details, including information about the screen size, battery size and most significantly the Camera!!!


Recapturing the Camera crown.

TECNO Camon series typically offers the best-in-class smartphone camera. But, the CX flaunts a big camera upgrade and is said to be the best one to use for low-light photography. With the dual 16mp camera with LED flash, permit me to say – TECNO has built the ultimate snapchat and Instagram machine.

Could it be the biggest?

As far as the size of the Camon CX is concerned, several reports have been flying about that, it could be the biggest TECNO CAMON so far, then again, I really do not think TECNO would be really bothered about the size of the device- well, that’s in my point of view. On the flip side, the most recent leaks shows that the Camon CX comes with a totally different design but bigger and sleeker than its predecessor; okay now I am confused.

All the images and reports are still based on assumptions, so all we have to do is wait and off course expect the very best from TECNO; hmmm…no fall our hand oh!












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