• Promotion is now open to any customer who purchases a data bundle.


Leading telecommunications company, Airtel Uganda, has revamped their Xtra masappe data bonus promotion – a promotion that offers Airtel Uganda pre and postpaid subscribers bonus data whenever they purchase daily, weekly or monthly data bundles.

Xtra masappe, which initially required subscribers to opt in has now been opened up to all subscribers who purchase any of the data bundles offered. As part of this promotion, subscribers who load daily bundles will receive 25% bonus; those who load weekly bundles will receive 100% bonus on purchase valid for 3days and monthly bundle subscribers will receive 100% bonus valid for 15days.

Unlike the daily bonus which has an expiry of mid-night irrespective of the number of subscriptions, the weekly and monthly bonus subscription date is pushed whenever the subscriber loads a new bundle.

Airtel Managing Director, Anwar Soussa

To subscribe to Airtel data bundles, customers can simply dial 175# and select their bundle of choice. To check their main and bonus volume, the customers can simply dial *1754#.  The bonus offer does not apply to social packs, quarterly, annual and free bundles.

Speaking about the revamped product, Mr. Anwar Soussa encouraged subscribers to keep loading data bundles to enjoy this promotion that has been designed specifically for them.

“In these tough economic times, many Ugandans are having a hard time loading substantial data bundles on their phones and this is why we have revamped this offer. We want even those subscribers who only have UGX300 to buy the 10MB bundle to be able to receive more data and be able to stay in touch with their loved ones,” he said.






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