Reintroduces BE RED campaign

Airtel Uganda, a leading telecommunications provider has announced a week long blood drive in a bid to reduce on the blood shortage in Ugandan hospitals and health centers. 

This announcement was made at an early morning press conference at the Airtel Uganda head offices where staff members, members of the media and passers-by were encouraged to come and donate blood.

With a goal of 4,000 pints of blood, this blood donation drive will also see Airtel Uganda highlight recipients’ stories across their various media platforms in order to encourage more Ugandans to get into the habit of donating blood.

According to Dr. Dorothy Kyeyune Byabazaire, the Director, Uganda Blood Transfusion Service, 80% of blood donated in Uganda is collected at secondary schools and yet it is those Ugandans outside of these schools who use the Blood Transfusion Services most. 

“Now that we are in holidays, we are experiencing a significant drop in blood collected and this in turn means more lives lost. I would like to thank Airtel Uganda for allowing to partner with us on this cause and I encourage Ugandans to come and save lives by donating blood,” Byabazaire commented.

Speaking on behalf of Airtel Uganda, Mr. Anwar Soussa, the Managing Director commended Uganda Blood Transfusion Service for the good work they do all year round.

“The only way we are going to be able to solve the blood shortage in Uganda – more than 80,000 units per year – is if we come together as one. Despite your age, occupation, culture or religion, I encourage you to come and donate blood this week,” Soussa said, adding that the target is 4,000 units of blood.

“At Airtel Uganda, we commit to continue providing the most reliable and affordable telecommunications products and services while carrying out initiatives that are geared towards improving the lives of Ugandans,” he concluded.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Airtel Uganda has made it an annual endeavor to do blood donation drives. In 2014, they launched ‘BE RED’ – an acronym for Be Responsible, Empathetic and Do it – with an aim of educating the public about the blood shortage in the country and encouraging people to donate and save lives. Since then, blood donation has been a major activity at the different Airtel Uganda health camps across the country.

This time, the telecommunications company hopes to create a wave of loyal blood donors who donate up to 3 times a year.

The blood donation drive will start on the 12th June and end on 16th of June 2017 at Airtel Towers on Clement Hill Road, City Square Kampala, Mukwano Arcade, Queens Way on Entebbe Road, Kalerwe round about and the Kyebando round about.


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