Inspired By Chicken And Chips On NTV

Not so long ago Season one was aired between October 2016 to January 2017 and thankfully it got renewed for a second season that commenced in February 2018 discussing a wide range of topics

These being real life issues and a major concern to privacy, puppets were introduced to portray a different narrative of truth.

Some of the formidable topics include ;

Sex education, Gender Based Violence (GBV) that affects both male and female, Use of contraceptives, communication in relationships and many more.

Chicken And Chips fans pose for a photo with Tindi the host

Well the inspiration is derived from the Facebook live sessions that have taken place for the third time since the series premiere.

Together with some of the chicken and chips fans lots of learning took place since we all saw things in a different perspective.

Lots of ideas were shared basing on experience or if it was mere hearsay for instance on the use of contraceptives non of the fans objected.

They saw it fit to have a good communication strategy with your partner (for those that are dating) and those who are not should always consider the use of ABC (Abstain or Use a Condom) the B is for those that are relating.

If at all one can’t wait or has that urge of cheating condoms are the best alternative to save both lives much as they are not 100% secure because of their fragility (They are temperature conscious).

On the topic of Gender Based violence a lot was shared and didn’t cause much contention although I didn’t agree with some solutions like ending the relationship in case you sense that your spouse may want to domestically abuse you.

My question would be what happened to second chances?

I strongly condemn all acts of abuse whether on a male or female nobody has a right to abuse anyone in a relationship and for Christ’s sake non of you is doing one another a favor of loving you.

So reasons as to why some women (since they are largely affected) were also hinted on .

I will not get into much detail because one of the fans published a blog as well with the same reasons you can click on and check out her narratives.

Now to the big question for the day Would you still stay in a domestically abusive relationship because of LOVE?

In conclusion I feel I should be man enough to stand up and communicate with my spouse on all vital issues because a home is made up of two people.

You can never do everything alone and that’s why I feel satisfied when I watch Chicken And Chips On NTV that airs every Sunday at 1:30Pm and repeats every Friday at 4:00Pm.

For more conversations follow @ChickenAndChipsOnNTV and like the page on Facebook.

Lots of interactive content right there

No wonder I am inspired


Airtel Uganda and Buganda Kingdom Officially launch the 2018 Kabaka Run.

Focus on the fight against Sickle cells.

Following a highly successful 2017 Kabaka Birthday Run, Airtel Uganda has today announced its sponsorship of the 2018 Kabaka Birthday Run that will be held on Sunday 8th April 2018 at Bulange in Mengo.

In line with the three – year theme announced last year – Fight against Sickle Cells, proceeds from the run will also be directed towards fighting the sickle cells disease in Uganda.
Last year, Airtel Uganda, in partnership with the Buganda Kingdom, handed over 60,000 sickle cell testing kits, bought from the proceeds of the Kabaka Birthday Run 2017, to the administration of The Uganda National Health Laboratory Services to enable them carry out conclusive testing for the prevalent disease. The kits would allow over 120,000 people to test for the sickle cells disease free of charge.

Commenting about the sponsorship, Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. V.G. Somasekhar noted that Corporate Social Responsibility is very central to Airtel and is an integral pillar of the business.

“Through our partnership with the Buganda Kingdom, we have been able to change the lives individuals and communities in Uganda. This year, we intend to continue this life changing work by collecting funds that will be used to educate Ugandans about sickle cells, enable proper treatment of patients and fund research into how best we can contain it,” he stated.
Somasekhar added that besides Kabaka Run, Airtel Uganda has been involved in other successful CSR programmes like Together we can which won the Best CSR campaign award 2017 and Adopt a school which focuses on the transformation of dilapidated schools to provide a better learning environment. Various health camps across the country offering free medical services to underprivileged communities have also been held in partnership with the Ministry of Health among other partners.

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayigga thanked Airtel Uganda and other partners; such as the Ministry of Health in the Central Government and Uganda Sickle Cell Foundation, for their sponsorship, which has brought awareness and funding to illnesses that have dominated Uganda for many years.
“First, we worked together to tackle fistula and now we are focusing on sickle cells. With strategic and consistent partners such as Airtel Uganda, we shall win the fight against these sicknesses that are claiming lives of very many Ugandans,” he commented.

The Kabaka run – an annual event celebrated to mark the King’s birthday – is part of a partnership that the telecommunications giant has with the Buganda Kingdom to sponsor four of their most important activities; the Kabaka’s birthday Run, Kabaka’s birthday celebration, the Kabaka’s coronation as well as Eid El Fitri. Airtel Uganda also sponsors the Masaza Cup – the Buganda kingdom football tournament.

The run will be held on 8th April 2018 and participants will be flagged off in Lubiri Mengo by His Majesty the Kabaka for the 5km, 10kms and 21km routes.

dfcu Bank increases support to St. John’s Ambulance Uganda’s emergency medical services.


As part of its Responsibility & Sustainability program, dfcu Bank Uganda has today renewed its support of emergency medical services- announcing an increment in its financial contribution to St. John’s ambulance Uganda. The announcement was made during a press briefing at the St. John’s ambulance services offices on Buganda Road.

Addressing journalists at the event, dfcu Bank’s Head of Brand Marketing Communication, Jude Kansiime said the renewed commitment was the Bank’s way of increasing its support to what is a dire situation.

dfcu Bank_s Head of Brand Marketing Communication, Jude Kansiime (C) hands over fuel cards to Christine Kasirye, the National Executive Secretary, St. John_s Ambulance during the eve

dfcu Bank has been supporting the services offered by St. John’s Ambulance for the last 5 years. This support has been in the form of monthly fuel, which is a key need if an organization wishes to provide timely emergency medical services. Today, dfcu Bank is glad and honored to announce that we will both continue with and increase our contribution to this crucial service.”


“As part of the emergency support pillar under our Sustainability strategy,  I am pleased to announce that dfcu Bank will double our monthly contribution to St. John’s Ambulance Uganda- which will allow them to operate a second ambulance and in turn provide urgently needed emergency medical services to those in need,” Kansiime added.


“Lack of sufficient emergency services is one of the leading causes of death in Uganda. Less than 10% of patients are transferred to hospitals and clinics by ambulances, which results in tragedies that could have been prevented. This is why our commitment to St. John’s Ambulance is important to us as an institution- we see it as a way to give back and improve the quality of life in the communities in which we operate,” he continued.

Christine Kasirye, the National Executive Secretary, St. John’s Ambulance commended dfcu Bank for their continued and unwavering reinforcement to its operations.

“Over the last 5 years, dfcu Bank has proved itself a dedicated and stable partner to the work that we do. One of the key elements needed for the successful provision of emergency medical services is timely arrival to the scene of the emergency and thereafter to a hospital or clinic. The monthly fuel contributions from dfcu Bank have helped us save countless lives,” Ms. Kasirye said.

dfcu Bank_s Head of Brand Marketing Communication, Jude Kansiime (L) hands over a dummy cheque to Christine Kasirye, the National Executive Secretary, St. John_s Ambulance after maki

“By providing fuel for a second ambulance, dfcu Bank is giving us the ability and means to reach more patients, provide urgent medical aid and as a result, save more lives. On behalf of St. John’s Ambulance, I extend our gratitude to the management of dfcu Bank for their pro-active support of emergency medical services,” Ms. Kasirye concluded.


With the increased funding, dfcu Bank’s contribution to St. John’s Ambulance will add up to UGX 24,000,000/- per year.

Airtel Uganda and Buganda Kingdom handover Shs.110,000,000 to the Central Public Health Laboratory in the fight to end Sickle Cells


Airtel Uganda together with the Buganda Kingdom have handed over Shs.110,000,000/- (One hundred and ten million shillings) that was collected during the Kabaka Birthday Run 2017  as a contribution towards the fight to end Sickle cells in Uganda .

The handover to the Central Public Health Laboratory under the Ministry of Health was graced by Buganda Kingdom officials led by the Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga and the Buganda Kingdom Minister of Sports Owek. Sekabembe Henry, alongside Airtel Uganda team headed by Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Deepak Bhatia.

Airtel Uganda officials led by Chief Commercial Officer, Deepak Bhatia, Buganda Kingdom Katikiro, Owek.Charles Peter Mayiga and Ministry of Health officials, pose with a dummy cheque han

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Mr. Bhatia said, “We are so honored and proud to partner with the Buganda Kingdom in the fight to put an end to Sickle cells in the country.”

“This partnership is Airtel’s commitment to working with various stakeholders to improve health standards in Uganda and providing affordable healthcare to our customers through investing in passion points that connect our customers such as the annual Kabaka Birthday Run,” he added.

“I would like to thank and recognize all Airtel Uganda customers, fellow sponsors, the media as well as the general public who showed support to those suffering from sickle cells by coming and participating in the 2017 Kabaka Run” he concluded

Buganda Kingdom Katikiro, Owek Peter Mayiga thanked Airtel Uganda for their support in this fight and praised them for always coming out strongly to show support to Ugandans on the social causes that are very important to society development.

Airtel Uganda Chief Commercial Officer Deepak Bhatia, gives a speech during the handover of the proceeds got from Kabaka Birthday Run to Central Public Health Labaratory at Bulange Mengo

“I encourage my fellow Ugandans who have been affected by this scourge of Sickle Cells in one way or another to support each other and seek medical help and be consistent in their treatments as partners like Airtel come together with the Kingdom of Buganda to put an end to this disease,” he concluded.

According to the Ministry of Health, over 25,000 babies are born each year with sickle cell disease and over 80% die before their 5th birthday contributing to 15% infant mortality, 13.3% of the total population have Sickle cell traits.

Lady Luck hits Soroti & Pallisa



Through the Anglican Church Deaconry, dfcu Bank Uganda handed over food relief to people in the Pallisa and Soroti communities. The food donation was to 1000 families in the Teso Sub region specifically in the areas of Gweri Sub County (Soroti) and Kasodo Village (Pallisa).

According to Micheal Mwesigwa, the Head of Sales dfcu Bank the food items included 5000Kgs of polished maize flour plus 2000kgs of beans enabling each family to take home 5kgs of posho and 2kgs of beans.

dfcu staff members and community leaders handover food to people in Soroti

“One of the focus areas under the dfcu Bank responsibility and sustainability programme is the response to relief needs of the community. This is just one of the ways we are identifying with and reaching out to the Teso community during their time of need.” he said.

The venerable Reverend Daniel Etatai the Arch Deacon of Pallisa commended dfcu Bank for the support and pledged to exercise maximum integrity and transparency when distributing the items to vulnerable groups.

As a result of widespread drought, parts of Northern Uganda have been experiencing famine leaving people in many communities with little or nothing to eat. People are welcoming all the help they can get to feed their families.

dfcu staff and community leaders handover food to people in Soroti 2

“We are grateful for such a thoughtful act from dfcu Bank. The food we have been given will be used to feed our children. We hope we can get more help from other people,” said one of the recipients of the aid.


​Airtel Uganda Extends Free Health Services to Kampala Community

Over the weekend, residents of Kosovo and surrounding areas medically underserved within Rubaga Division of Kampala city received free health services at a free Airtel Uganda community health fair. 

In partnership with The Hind’s Feet Project, a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on making health information accessible to all, Airtel Uganda offered free medical services to hundreds of community members in an effort to improve their wellbeing and empower them with the basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions.
The medical services offered included; Hepatitis B screening and shots, Dental, eye checkups and general medicine, Screening for HIV, diabetes, ulcers, blood pressure, syphilis, hepatitis B and malaria. The health fair also included safe male circumcision and free cancer screening services.

Improving health access is a core aspect of Airtel Uganda’s community engagement pillars of Education, Health, Digital enabled Entrepreneurship and the Environment. Airtel believes, strong health, quality education, relevant entrepreneurial skills and a good environment are the enablers required to empower Ugandans to build better livelihoods.

Speaking during the health fare, Airtel Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Mrs. Charity Bukenya said “At Airtel, we aim to improve the lives of Ugandans, not only by providing them with affordable and reliable telecommunications solutions, but also by increasing knowledge on general health and the use of preventive health services to help them live healthy lives.” 

“Working closely with our partners, we will continue to reach out to other communities in Uganda,” she added. 

The free community health fair is one of Airtel Uganda’s interventions that also include the Kabaka Run in support of Sickle Cell initiatives, and the recent blood donation campaign. 
Airtel Uganda holds quarterly health camps in different medically underserved regions of Uganda, and this is second community health fair in 2017. In March this year, Airtel Uganda held a community health fair at Nyakabaya Primary School in Nyarusiza, Kisoro district. Previous health fairs were head in Arua, Fort Portal, Kabale, Bugiri, Mbale, Lira, Bugiri, Kalerwe – Kampala.

Procter & Gamble Marks 12 years of Sharing Clean Drinking Water

Innovation born from laundry scientist makes dirty water clean and drinkable for children and families around the world

Procter & Gamble (P&G)Procter & Gamble Marks 12 years of Sharing Clean Drinking Water is committed to leveraging a tiny packet in a big way for the one billion people who still live without clean drinking water. Today, P&G announced that its non-profit initiative, the Childrens Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW), has provided its 12 billion litre of clean drinking water as part of P&Gs commitment to help address the global water crisis.

Commissioner of Water and Environmental Sector, Engineer Disan K Ssozi, Procter &Gamble CSDW Program Director, Ms Allison Tummon pose for a photo with the beneficaries during the P&G cel
This key milestone was celebrated in Kampala, where CSDW was also marking its 12th year of providing clean drinking water to needy communities around Uganda. Since its inception in 2004, CSDW has worked with a global network of more than 150 advocacy and implementation partners by providing clean drinking water during emergencies and in sustained community programs.

Procter & Gambles CSDW Programs Director, Ms Allison Tummon Kamphuis said CSDW Program was initiated to address the global crisis of lack of access to clean drinking water using a simple technology that is the P&G Purifier of Water

We have seen the tremendous impact these packets can have when they are made available to people who need them, said Ms Tummon. The ability for people to make their own clean drinking water helps families avoid waterborne diseases, keeps children healthy so they can stay in school and helps entire communities.
Through a powder technology that kills deadly viruses and bacteria, removes dirt, parasites and other pollutants, contaminated water is made clean and drinkable for thousands of families across the country. Since 2004, P&G Purifier of Water Packets have been shared in more than 85 countries and the program has grown thanks to a worldwide network of NGO and government partners, she added.
The P&G Childrens Safe Drinking Water Programme in Uganda is one of the larger P&G Childrens Safe Drinking Water initiatives worldwide. Working with PSIs local affiliate PACE Uganda, ChildFund, Alive Medical Services, Save the Children, MSH, FXB, Action Against Hunger and others, P&G has helped purify more than 400 million litres of dirty water since 2005. P&G works with both local and international partners to provide clean water to families in rural areas, people affected by cholera outbreaks and floods as well as to people living with HIV-AIDS

Commissioner of Water and Environmental Sector, Engineer Disan K Ssozi, Procter &Gamble CSDW Program Director, Ms Allison Tummon take water with the beneficaries during the P&G celebrati


P&Gs commitment to Uganda continues and specifically, this year, the company will invest more than 1.6 billion UG shillings to provide nearly 60 million liters of clean drinking water to more than 75,000 people in Uganda.

In Uganda, 35% of people do not have access to safe drinking water. This not only affects their health, but also their education and economic opportunities thus perpetuating a seemingly inescapable cycle of poverty.

Speaking at the event, the Commissioner of Water and Environmental Sector, Engineer Disan K Ssozi commended Procter and Gamble for their continuous efforts to improve the lives of thousands of Ugandans.

The impact of the Childrens Safe Drinking Water Programme cannot be over-emphasized because lack of access to clean water has detrimental effects on families and communities. Providing a way for these communities to access to safe water helps them lead healthier, productive lives which in turn lead to better socio-economic standing.

The Ministry of Water and Environment has registered great success in improving access to safe water across the nation. And with partners such as Procter and Gamble coming in to supplement these efforts, I firmly believe that we will soon be able to fulfil our vision of providing clean and accessible water to every Ugandan, he concluded.
Visit the Childrens Safe Drinking Water website to find out how you can be a part of this work and help provide clean drinking water to those who need it most.

Buganda Kingdom Move to Digitalising the 2017 Edition of the Kabakas Birthday Run in partnership with Og money

The Buganda Kingdom has this year partnered with One Global, a leader in digital innovations operating across 17 Countries in Africa and the middle East through its flagship product og money to simplify the process of accessing tickets to the 2017 edition of the Kabaka Run.


The people of Buganda will benefit from this addition, given the fast track growth in mobile transaction in the country. By March 2016, mobile money transaction hit 32.5 trillions and the region also recorded a $45.75 billion transaction through mobile transaction.  TBuganda Kingdom Move to Digitalising the 2017 Edition of the Kabakas Birthday Run in partnership with Og money.


The kingdom is most likely to reap big through its partnership with Og money, which uniquely positions itself as a single secure platform for all digital financial services. The og money application can be downloaded here:

The Kabakas birthday run, which normally attracts thousands of Ugandans and Buganda loyalist is annually staged to commemorate the Birthday of His Majesty Ssabasajja Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

The Kabakas birthday run for the last three years was carried out under the theme, “Fight against fistula” and this year, support will be rendered to sickle cell patients.


Sickle cell pupils from Our Lady of Africa Luwero 

In his speech, the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga  pointed out the lack of awareness among the population has been the major factor leading to the spread of diseases. The strongest and most dangerous of the factors is lack of awareness.

“For example, HIV AIDS when it first appeared in the early 1980s around Masaka-Kyotera areas of Uganda, it was attributed to witchcraft, and the witch doctors pretended to diagnose what was afflicting a big number of young people then. In a similar vain for many people in this country, the sickle cell culprits are off springs of parents with what people term, bad blood or those who are cast. This is because they are not aware, that is the level at which they can reason out things.” Mr. Mayiga added


The kingdom is excited about the new partnership with og money and ready to leverage on the 900,000 people already using the application. The application is IOS and Android compatible and can be downloaded using this link:

Download it now and join the Kingdom of Buganda in the fight against sickle cell by following easy steps that will enable you pay 10,000 and recieve a kit for the marathon.

Airtel Uganda Unveils 2017 Kabaka Run Kits


  • 2017 Kabaka Run themed “Fight Against Sickle Cells”


Airtel Uganda handed over the Kabaka Run marathon kits to the Buganda Kingdom at a press conference that was held at the Buganda Kingdom offices in Mengo.

The handover was graced by Buganda Kingdom officials led by the Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga and the Buganda Kingdom Minister of Sports Owek. Sekabembe Henry, alongside Airtel Uganda directors and staff members led by the Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. Anwar Soussa.

Airtel Uganda, Managing Director Anwar Soussa, signs on a ticket as the Katikiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga looks on.

For the past four years, Airtel Uganda has been the main sponsor of the Kabaka Run, one of the four major Buganda Kingdom activities that commemorates the Kabaka’s birthday, as part of an ongoing agreement with the kingdom to sponsor four of the kingdom’s main activities.

During the handover, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. Anwar Soussa urged all Airtel Uganda customers as well as  the general public to show support to those suffering from sickle cells by coming and  registering for the Kabaka Run.

Katikiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga (centre) displaying the Kabaka Birthday Run 2017 kit as Airtel Uganda officials look on at Bulange Mengo

“I would like to pledge our future commitment and support to the Buganda Kingdom, its people and its activities, as we unite to maintain the good glory of this Kingdom,” he added.

Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, the Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister thanked Airtel Uganda for honoring their commitment to support the Buganda Kingdom activities for the past couple of years. He also thanked the telecommunications company for always coming out strongly to show support to Ugandans regardless of whether or not they use their services.

“Last year, Fistula in Uganda was our cause and you supported it. This year it is sickle cells and you are still here with us. On behalf of the kingdom and its people, allow me to say thank you,” he concluded.

Airtel Uganda, Managing Director, Anwar Soussa, Katikiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, display the dummy ticket for the Kabaka Birthday Run 2017

The 2017 Kabaka run will be held on the 9th April 2017 flagged off in Lubiri Mengo by His Majesty the Kabaka; this will have the 5km, 10kms and 21km routes.




Emirates sets standards for on-board medical care


Flight diversions due to inflight medical emergencies make up a tiny portion of the millions of flights operated annually, but it is costly for airlines. With more people traveling by air, the actual number of inflight medical events has been gradually increasing over the years.

Emirates, the largest airline by international traffic, operates over 3,500 departures a week, or more than 194,000 flights in 2016. In those 12 months, the airline handled more than 60 flight diversions due to medical emergencies.

A single flight diversion can cost Emirates anything from US$50,000 to over US$600,000, depending on the nature of the diversion which include fuel, flight catering, landing and ground handling fees, air navigation cost, passenger rebooking costs and onward connection, as well as other associated costs to care for crew and passengers.


Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said: “We can never hope to recover the costs of a flight diversion, but the well being of our customers is always our number one priority. Airlines handle medical emergencies differently, as there are no international regulations on this front.  At Emirates, like everything else we do, the safety of our passengers comes first. If there is a medical emergency on board, our crew have the training and equipment to help them assess the situation, and deliver the best possible outcome for the affected passengers.”

Crew training and equipment

In 2016, Emirates delivered nearly 23,000 hours of medical training for cabin crew and pilots, ensuring they are ready to assist passengers on board.

All Emirates cabin crew go through a comprehensive initial training programme which is required by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, recurrent training to keep their skills up to date, as well as additional specific training for the use of on board medical equipment.

The medical training that Emirates cabin crew undertake includes both theory and practical aspects. It prepares them to recognise and deal with common situations, but more importantly handle rare but life-threatening events when time is of essence.


Topics covered include basic life support (CPR); medical conditions including asthma, heart disorders, seizures and allergic reactions; trauma related topics and even emergency childbirth amongst others. Pilots also attend training sessions covering topics such as Hypoxia, Malaria, Dengue, Trauma, CPR and choking and occupational health issues.

Emirates has also invested more than US$ 7 million in the installation of its medical equipment on board, with annual maintenance costs being a further US$ 1.7 million. Equipment on every Emirates aircraft include: emergency medical kits, oxygen bottles, resuscitators, a defibrillator, a telemedicine unit, and a 24/7, satellite medical advisory service that connects crew to specialist aviation medical consultants who can help assess the passenger’s situation in real time.

Making the right call

On average, Emirates’ crew make about 20 calls to the medical advisory service per 100,000 passengers flown. Most calls do not result in a diversion, but the professional consultation helps the operating crew to make better decisions and offer the right support to the affected passengers, particularly when there are no volunteer medical professionals on the flight.

Emirates’ in-house team of aviation medical specialists, flight planners and operations controllers, all work closely to conduct detailed scenario planning and regular updates to diversion protocols – in keeping with the airline’s growing global network, as well as advances in medical thinking, inflight medical technologies, and training techniques.


Mr Al Redha said: “If we have to divert a flight, our aim is to get medical attention for the afflicted passenger as soon as possible. Via our medical advisory consultants and Emirates’ own operations control team, we identify the best location where the passenger may receive appropriate care, and where the airport can adequately support the passengers and aircraft.

“The diversion location selected may be someplace where medical costs are expensive and travellers should consider procuring the appropriate insurance before they travel.”