Real Estate involves different aspects like Land, Houses, Apartments and Commercial buildings. It is a vast term but most people use it to refer to properties (residential and commercial). You can make money from real estate business includes buying, renting and selling these different properties but if you’re looking for an investment opportunity it is better to know exactly which aspect of real estate you want to invest in. There are many reasons as to why investment in Real Estate is a great opportunity and below are 9 of them:


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Banks are lending:

Most people hesitate investing in real estate because they don’t have enough money but today in Uganda and Africa at large, banking institutions offer home loans to people who can not afford the properties. The rates are now affordable and you can now use our online mortgage calculator for all your mortgage solutions.

Reasonable prices:

It is now possible to invest in real estate at reasonable prices. If you have a small budget you can invest in plots of land that do not cost a lot, however if you have a bit of cash and looking for a quick investment  look for bank foreclosures because their prices are slightly lower than normal prices.


Technology has made real estate investment very easy. When you buy a house, it is not hard anymore to move around looking for clients, these days you can list it online and get clients to call you and schedule visits. The internet provides a platform to list properties and make them visible to many people.

Knowledge is Free:

Investing in real estate is different from other investments. When you invest in other fields like tech companies you have to learn about statistics and finance but in real estate all the knowledge you need is provided online like market size, pricing of different properties according to different areas and you can also hire agents/property managers that can assist you. .

Cash Flow:

Investing in real estate has a positive cash flow. Let’s say you buy a house at 80,000,000 Shillings and rent it at $1500 per month, you will make an investment return in 5 years and after 5 years the rest will be profit which you can reinvest in another business, save for future financial challenges or use to settle debts.

The Loan Pay Down:

When you invest in real estate through a bank loan, your tenant is actually  the one paying your mortgage not you  and after 30 years your house might be your main source of income, feeding you and paying for your kids’ education.


The value of most real estate aspects i.e land  always goes up instead of going down. Properties don’t lose value instead they increase value from time to time.


If you ask most people they’ll tell you that you should always write a cover letter when you’re applying for a job. But that’s not always true. Entrepreneur and author David Silverman says there are only three instances where you should write a cover letter, they are: when you know the hiring person’s name, when you know something about the job’s requirements, or when someone refers you.

If you’re applying and don’t fall into one of those three categories, it’s probably a good idea to leave the cover letter out. If however, you do, then you’ll need to know the best way to write a cover letter. Often times job seekers will simply recap their CV or get way too personal in their cover letter. Make sure you don’t let that happen, have a read of our guide below to write the best cover letter and make yourself standout.


Your greeting

Make sure you always address your cover letter to a person. Most job adverts will list who the contact is, find the name and address your cover letter to them. If the ad doesn’t have a name listed you can spend a little time to find it. This may work in your favour as the recruiter will see that you’re willing to put in a bit of research. If you can’t find the recruiter anywhere, look up the hiring manager or as a last resort try to find the department head. Whoever it is, it is sure to work better than “to whom it may concern.”

The opening paragraph

Your opening paragraph is an excellent opportunity to show the recruiter that you have done your homework regarding the company. Your research has shown you what makes this company special or unique. Plainly state that you’re excited to work for the company, then go into detail as to why. Maybe the company has become a leader in the Taxi industry due to their innovative app. Whatever it is, talk about it.

The body

You should now take the opportunity to briefly describe some of your most relevant experience; you can also include some of the skills you learned in your career.


You should endeavour to make your paragraphs brief and relevant. Keep to short digestible sentences and ensure the relevant information is clear and easily understood. Stick to the rule more is less, but also make sure you include the vital information.

What to show

If you have a lot of experience it can be difficult deciding what you should show in your cover letter. The best way to decide what you should include. In most cases your current or most relevant experience should be included. However, you need to make sure you give the recruiter enough detail that they will be interested to read your CV, you only have a short time to wow them. Show them in one or two sentences what solutions you can offer, for example: I offer you six years of experience managing logistics for top tier firms. Hook the recruiter in so they’ll read your resume and not just skim it and bin it.

Curtain call

Now it’s time to take a bow and walk off stage. Your closing should be short and sweet. Don’t waffle on with thanks for reading or something similar. Tailor it to you, tell the recruiter that you want the job and you hope to have a chance to speak with them soon. Simple effective, employable.

The key to writing your cover letter is to get the recruiter to read your CV, where you can show them why you’re perfect for the role. Above all, be considerate, a recruiter or hiring manager would probably read hundreds of cover letters every week, keep it concise – try to aim for 100 words. The recruiter will thank you for it, because you’re showing that you respect their time. With this in mind, once you’ve found the perfect opening, sit down and compose your awesome cover letter.

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Masaka SS remain Copa Coca-Cola Masaka regional champions


Masaka SS the reigning champions of Masaka regionals retained the Copa Coca-Cola regionals by defeating Wagwa High School in a penalty shoot-out which ended 4-2.
The 90 minutes of play ended in a goalless less draw with no one seeing each other’s net. Masaka SS penalty takers were Frank Yiga, Jacob Okao, Okello Donald and Shaban Wasswa who converted all their penalties.

Wagwa High School penalty takers were Captain Frank Ssebwuto who never converted his penalty and it was saved by Masaka SS keeper. Gonzanga Ssekyewa and Godfrey Muyawere converted their penalties while Lawrence Matovu who was Wagwa High school penalty taker never converted his penalty, the ball went over the bar and Masaka SS won the regional championship.

Masaka SS players pose for a photo with their trophy after winning COPA Coca-Cola Masaka regional championshiip.
Before reaching the finals, Masaka SS played Green Hill SS in the semi-finals. Masaka SS won the game with 5-0 score, while Wagwa high School defeated Blessed Sacrament SS-Kimanya 1-0.
This win automatically earns Masaka SS a spot in the national finals that will be held in Masaka district next month from 6th-20th May 2017. Other schools representing Masaka region are, Wagwa High School, Green Hill SS and Blessed Sacrament SS- Kimanya.
The 2017 Copa Coca-Cola tournament was launched last month and for the 24th consecutive year, this football tournament will continue to encourage teens to demonstrate that fact that sport goes beyond games and means team spirit, comradeship and respect.
In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports through the National Council of Sports (NCS), this year’s tournament will see football teams play against each other in the regional tournament, from which the winners will participate in the national championships.

Airtel Uganda, Buganda Kingdom launch the 2017 Masaza Cup

Leading telecommunications provider Airtel Uganda joined the Buganda Kingdom to launch the 2017 Masaza Cup at a press conference held at the Buganda Kindgom offices in Mengo.

Airtel Uganda, Marketing Director Indrajeet Singh Kumar(right), Katikiro of Buganda, Owek. Peter Mayiga and Airtel's Remmy Kisakye, pose for a photo with the jersey going to be used duri
The launch event, that comes just a few months after Airtel Uganda signed on as the official sponsor of the tournament, was attended by Airtel Uganda officials led by the Managing Director Mr. Anwar Soussa alongside Buganda kingdom officials who included the Katikkiro Owek. Charles Peter Mayigga, who represented the Kabaka of Buganda, the Sports Minister Owek. Henry Sekabembe and other officials.

Airtel Uganda, Marketing Director, Indrajeet Singh Kumar(Right), Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek. Peter Mayiga, and Airtel's Remmy Kisakye, pose for a photo during the launch of Masaza Cup at
The Masaza Cup is an annual tournament that has been played since 2004 and usually features nineteen teams from 19 different Buganda Kingdom regions. Last year, Buddu emerged champion when they beat Gomba to take home the 2016 trophy and prize money.
“It is an honor to add the Masaza Cup – a Kingdom of Buganda legacy tournament that was started very many years ago – to our list of sports sponsorships,” commented Mr. Indrajeet Singh Kumar, the Airtel Uganda Marketing Director.
“Over the years, Airtel Uganda has come out strongly to support the growth of football in Uganda right from the grassroots through our all-inclusive Airtel Rising Stars tournament all the way up to the national football team, the Uganda Cranes. Masaza Cup fits perfectly in our sports portfolio,” he added.
The Katikkiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayigga thanked Airtel Uganda for their support of Buganda kingdom activities.
“We are very fortunate to have a partner that has shown interest and dedication to the development of football in Uganda at all levels,” he said, adding that “…We hold this tournament every year not only to boost the talent amongst the young people from Buganda Region but also to mobilize people living in Buganda to participate in development programmes and activities that boost their income levels.”
He also thanked the media for their continued support over the life of the tournament and encouraged them to continue with the good work.
Over the years, Airtel Uganda has worked with the Buganda Kingdom on a number of projects, the most recent one being the 2017 Kabaka birthday run that attracted over 30,000 participants. Other projects include the Kabaka birthday celebrations, Kabaka Coronation, and Eid-el-Fitri celebrations.

Airtel Uganda Marketing Director, Mr. Indrajeet Singh Kumar, gives a speech during the launch of Masaza Cup football tournament at Bulange Mengo
The opening game of Masaza Cup will be played on Saturday 13th May 2017 at Masaka Recreation Grounds.

Kitende Retains Wakiso Trophy as Copa Tourney Nears Nationals


Reigning Wakiso champions St. Mary’s Kitende defeated Budo S.S to retain the Copa Coca-Cola Schools Wakiso regional trophy thanks to fantastic display of talent by Frank Zaga that resulted into the only goal of the game.

This win automatically earns Kitende a spot in the national finals that will be held later this month in Masaka. St. Julian, Victoria High and Buddo S.S are the other Wakiso teams that will take part in the national finals.

St. Mary's Kitende team celebrates after receiving the Copa Coca-Cola Wa...
The 2017 Copa Coca-Cola tournament was launched last month and for the 24th consecutive year, this football tournament will continue to encourage teens to demonstrate that fact that sport goes beyond games and means team spirit, comradeship and respect.
In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports through the National Council of Sports (NCS), this year’s tournament will see football teams play against each other in the regional tournament, from which the winners will participate in the national championships.
The regional tournaments are currently being in different regions across the country and winning teams will converge in Masaka for the national championship finals later this month.
Last year, the 2016 edition of COPA Coca-Cola Uganda came to an end with a spectacular final game that saw Kibuli S.S beat former champions Kitende S.S 4 -3 in penalty shootouts

Say “I DO” From These Beautiful Locations Around Uganda



It’s not clear who came up with the idea that you have to get married only in a church. You can actually plan ahead by applying for the certificate earlier on so that on the d-day everything legal is sorted out.

So after opting out of doing your ceremony in church, you will need beautiful locations where your nuptials can be finalised from.

Some of the things to put into consideration for your wedding location are:

  • Affordability- Make sure you do not go beyond your stipulated budget just to stand out.
  • Accessibility- Can your guests access the location you have chosen? If it’s an island, charter a ferry for them.
  • Is it worth it? Or you just want to spend money just because everyone did the same.
  • Does it suit your wedding needs?
  • The most important thing to consider is the certificate because without it then your marriage is not legal.

Here are some of the locations around Uganda, we thought you should add to your itinerary for your wedding.


Garden Weddings

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Maybe one of the most beautiful natural resources near Kampala, the gardens are a national conservation site for research managed by the National Agriculture Research Authority. They are home to different prominent tree species, birds, and monkeys. The property is quite expansive and stretches to the shores of Lake Victoria.


Reception Venues

Instead of booking two locations at once, you can fully utilise any good reception venue as one for your wedding. Have the church section on one side and the reception on another. And since most locations are usually expansive gardens you will have enough space.


Island Weddings

Bulago Island

One island with two beautiful properties that will keep your guests happy for your “getaway nuptials.” One Minute South Villa is a picturesque property with a personal touch to it where you can host your guests and stay by the beach. Whereas Pineapple Bay has a “hotel on an island” setting with cottages sprawled all over the property, it is a sight to behold and worth the boat ride from the mainland.


one Minute South Credit: Google


Ssese Islands

You cannot go wrong with the Ssese islands; choose one of the many islands and stand out with your island wedding. They will give a refreshing feel to your ceremony, you can do it at the beach or move it to one of the forests.


Along The River Nile

The Nile almost cuts Uganda into half, meaning you have many spots along its stretched banks to choose a destination. You can do it at the rocks at the Murchisons or maybe in Jinja at one of the many resorts on the Nile. This gives you a unique feel to your wedding.


Adrenaline Vows

High Up A Peak

Thrill seekers will always look for a chance to do something amazing, of course you do not have to endanger your guests by putting your wedding on a cliff. But you can choose one of the many lower peaks of an accessible high rise with the permission of the Uganda Wildlife Authority and make a memorable wedding.


National Park

Yes, these are not just for touring and hiding from wild animals but for special occasions too. So why not make a wedding in the wild? Most of the lodges in National Parks have wonderful views that give off a rustic vibe, use it to your benefit and make a rustic wedding.



Home Wedding

Why spend all that money hiring out a venue when you have a big property to host guests? You will need a catering service and decorators to make the place glamorous then invite guests. If you do not have a big parking, that is what good neighbors and public spaces like fields, church/ mosque lots are for. Ask for permission and hire a security officer from the local police office.






Emirates Sky Cargo’s Rosie touches down in Barcelona for a special occasion

Emirates SkyCargo’s freighter aircraft A6-EFL, also nicknamed Rosie because of her rose decal, made a special appearance in Barcelona on the occasion of ‘The Day of the Rose’. The Catalan festival, originally St Jordi’s Day, is celebrated on the 23rd of April every year with locals gifting roses and books to one another.
Earlier this year, Emirates SkyCargo unveiled the rose decal on the Boeing 777F aircraft in Dubai on Valentine’s Day. The decal which was the first of its kind for Emirates SkyCargo highlights the carrier’s contribution to the global flori-culture industry by transporting fresh flowers across the world. In 2016, Emirates SkyCargo transported over 70,000 tonnes of fresh flowers including roses across its network of over 150 destinations across six continents.

Emirates-SkyCargos-Rosie-landing-in-Barcelona for a special occasion

In the two months since the installation of the rose decal, Rosie has been playing her part in facilitating global trade. During this time the aircraft has travelled around the world to over 35 cities in 25 countries across six continents ranging from Australia to the United States. Rosie has also carried over 7,000 tonnes of cargo ranging from general cargo to perishables and even horses. True to her name Rosie has also transported over 550 tonnes of roses over multiple flights between Nairobi in Kenya, Quito in Ecuador to the global flower hub in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Emirates SkyCargo has been operating a weekly freighter service to Barcelona since March 2016. This service enables the carrier to move large volumes of exports out of Barcelona to other global destinations. Notable exports carried by Emirates SkyCargo from Barcelona include fashion garments, perfumery products, electrical and mechanical products and pharmaceuticals. The freighter allows for customers in Barcelona and the surrounding regions to transport outsized, heavy or unusual cargo that may not fit in the belly hold of the passenger aircraft. In addition to the freighter, Emirates SkyCargo offers customers cargo capacity on its twice daily passenger aircraft to the city.

Emirates-SkyCargo's Rosie has travelled to 35 cities in 25 countries over the last two months

Emirates SkyCargo is at the forefront of the air cargo industry and operates a modern fleet of 15 aircraft -13 Boeing 777-F and two Boeing 747-400ERFs. In addition to state of the art facilities at its cargo hubs in Dubai, the carrier also offers specialized transportation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.











  • Treats guests to fun-filled day at Lakeside adventure park

  • Consumers can now choose the Coca-Cola that best suits their taste, lifestyle and diet.

Influencers, guests and members of the media were recently treated to a day full of fun, adventure and team challenges at the Lake Side adventure park during the launch of the new Coca-Cola With Zero Sugar variant.

This comes just after the beverages company announced the launch of new graphics that use one visual identity system featuring Coca-Cola Red as a unifying color across the Trademark in a bid to extend the Company’s “One Brand” global marketing strategy to packaging.

Mr. Rodney Nzioka, Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager displays the new Coca-Cola with Zero Sugar during the launch at Lakeside Adventure Park in Mukono

The Red Disc, the signature element of the new “Taste the Feeling” global creative campaign launched in Uganda in April last year, will now appear prominently on packaging. Further underscoring the Company’s commitment to provide choice, the new packaging is designed to enable consumers to choose the Coca-Cola that best suits their taste, lifestyle and diet.

To clearly identify each product, the signature color is featured throughout the packs and the new graphics will also include the unique product name and benefits on front of pack to help consumers make an informed choice:

  • Coca-Cola Original Taste (or Classic in select markets)

  • Coca-Cola Zero: Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager Rodney Nzioka poses with some of the invited guests during the launch of the Coca-Cola with Zero Sugar at Lakeside Adventure park

“Packaging is our most visible and valuable asset,” said Rodney Nzioka, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Uganda. “The Coca-Cola Red Disc has become a signature element of the brand, synonymous with great taste, uplift and refreshment. By applying it to our packaging in such a bold way, we are taking the next step towards full adoption of the “One Brand” strategy, uniting the Coca-Cola family under one visual identity and making it even easier for consumers to choose their Coca-Cola with or without calories, with or without caffeine.”

“The unification of the brands through design, marks the first time in our 130-year history that the iconic Coca-Cola visual identity has been shared across products in such a prominent way,” Nzioka added.

Last year, Coca-Cola Uganda launched “Taste the Feeling” – a campaign designed to allow its consumers a continued celebration of their moments with Coca-Cola. “Taste the Feeling” is now live in 195 markets and includes 12 television commercials in addition to more than 100 campaign images, a visual identity system and a music anthem and audio signature.

For more information on the “One Brand” strategy, new packaging graphics and “Taste the Feeling” campaign, please visit



Kella Gram Silent Disco goes to Entebbe

The long awaited silent disco finally goes to Entebbe

In a bid to make everyone have a chance to experience the silent disco, CEO Kella PR Mckenzie Bryan decided to take the party to Entebbe at the famous O’S bar


Attendees will be required to pay 20,000shs which will cater for their headphone and nine Deejays will be on at an interval of 2hrs each

Deejays representing at the #KellaGramSilentDisco include Dj Benon, DJ Fresh, DJ LL, DJ Xzyl, Tha Drop Out, The Konk Mukiiga, Eddy Weezy Seleckta, DJ Naselow and finally Fem Dj.

“This will be one of those unforgettable nights in Entebbe and we are looking at touring all regions so that they can all experience this” said Bryan Mckenzie CEO Kella PR.


A Vacation For The Soul


It’s quite amazing how we think there is very little we as human beings can do alone. You do not picture yourself taking adventures and having fun without your family or friends.

You do not give yourself the benefit of the doubt that you will enjoy your own company and not miss other people, because you are so used to doing a lot of things with others.


Credit:  Google

Before you embark on anything you should know that, there is a difference between lonely and being alone. One can only be lonely because they do not feel the presence of those they love in their life. While alone is something you choose to do; being away from people. As human beings, it is important to embrace being alone, it cannot be avoided. You will not always be surrounded by people you love, there are times when you will not have them around you. And that is not a bad thing.


Every once in awhile, we all need to get away. We need time all to ourselves and not because we can’t stand the ones we love or our jobs. But only because, we need some “me time” to appreciate the most important person in our lives, ourselves. You can choose to do it for a day or even go as far as flying out of the country to some island to discover new things for yourself. Getting away from everything does not necessarily mean that you have to pack your bags and run away. It means giving yourself enough time to grow you.


As adults, we spend our lives going through the motions; graduate, get a job and everything becomes scheduled for us. We forget how it feels like to take time off and breath without worrying about the next problem or those we love. But once you take a moment to breath, give your mind and heart time off to just relax and get there, your body appreciates you for it.

We never appreciate the free time we had when younger till the years seem to be rushing by.

So why wait for the later years to celebrate your life? Do it now; go for that road trip, try new things, go dancing, spa day, read those books or even try something extreme like kayaking and give your soul the vacation it deserves.